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Fall 2017 Dean’s List

Last semester, Fall 2017, 39 StepUP students made it on the Dean’s List. For full time students, that means that they earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher over the semester. Coming to college as a person in recovery is already worth celebrating, but getting noteworthy grades while you do it is impressive. Congratulations:

Alexa A. Katie D.
Annie M. Abby U.
Micah V. Tyler S.
Manford F. Jon M.
Jamie P. Michael R.
Ben S. Taylor S.
Chris B. Julia C.
Lindsay E. Sam E.
Connor F. Cole F.
Aaron H. Henry J.
Erin M. John M.
Mitch R. Tony S.
Phil S. Chase W.
Tommy W. Chad B.
Brien B. Matt C.
Sam G. Derek G.
Quinn H. Jamie H.
Neil K. Danny M.
Sam P. Arlo R.
Sam W.