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About the Augsburg University StepUP tiered collegiate recovery program

If you haven’t had six months of sobriety, but think you may have a problem or are concerned about substance abuse, please come to our office today and talk with us. While students need six months of recovery to live in our sober college residence in Oren Gateway Center, we can still offer support.

Our staff is here to work with you so you can achieve your goals, which is why we’ve formed a collegiate recovery tiered model.

1. Stepping In

Stepping In is our introductory model for students who do not yet have six months of recovery time. While you won’t be able to live in Oren Gateway Center until six months of recovery, Stepping In gives you access to weekly counseling.

We’ve also extended Stepping In to graduate students who don’t live on campus and would like support, but for various reasons may not be eligible to live in Oren Gateway Center.

Based on each individual student’s needs, it may or may not be appropriate or needed to also attend our circle meetings.

2. StepUP

The Augsburg University StepUP Program is our traditional collegiate recovery program and residential model for undergraduate students. They must have at least six months of recovery, live in Oren Gateway Center, and participate in the full StepUP Program requirements.

3. Stepping Forward

Stepping Forward is a support system for students who are graduating from Augsburg University and want either short-term or one-time support as they make transitions. Support is offered from a member of the StepUP staff or one of our StepUP alumni volunteers.

Stepping Forward also welcomes recent graduates.

For more details on our collegiate recovery tiered model, call (612) 330-1405 or email