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Financial Aid Information

Graduating students, please note the following items you’ll need to resolve prior to receiving your degree and/or your academic transcript:

1. Your Student Account

Pay any outstanding balance due on your student account, by check or credit card. To view your current balance and make a payment, log into Augnet, Records and Registration and click on “Make a Payment/Account Activity”.

Complete federal loan exit counseling if you borrowed a federal loan during your time at Augsburg. Follow the directions below to complete this process.

2. Federal Loan Exit Counseling

This is a federal requirement for any student who has received a federal Perkins loan and/or federal Stafford loans. Students who have borrowed a federal Perkins loan will be notified from our office after graduation of the exit loan process. If you have borrowed federal Stafford student loans, you will need to complete exit counseling at This must be done prior to graduating. The counseling session will provide you with valuable information about managing your loans as you enter repayment. You will receive more information about counseling in your final term. If you have additional questions after completing your online Exit Counseling please call Student Financial Services at 612-330-1046 to schedule a Follow Up Exit Counseling appointment.

Curious about how much you need to pay back?  Go to to view the amount of federal loans you have borrowed.

Direct any questions you have to the Office of Student Financial Services, located in the Enrollment Center, Sverdrup Hall, 612-330-1046.