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Challenging careers in industry and admittance into top graduate programs await the Augsburg CS major. Read what some of our students have to say about their Augsburg education

Maisian Schiung

Maisian“I have been working with Lockheed Martin (Eagan, MN) as a Software Engineering Associate since I graduated in 2001. Obtaining a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Augsburg was the wisest decision I made in my life. With the combination of challenging academic Computer Science courses, research projects and internship opportunities, Augsburg had prepped me with the essential Computer Science knowledge and skills to get my foot into the work force. Without this Computer Science degree, I would not be where I am today. Nor, would I dare to dream of the impossible …where I want to be tomorrow.”

Scott Kuhl

Scott“The Augsburg Computer Science department provided me with an encouraging environment that continually made me more interested in CS. The education I received, coupled with the research opportunities in CS at Augsburg, prepared me well for graduate school. The professors created an encouraging environment by always being accessible, friendly and helpful. I’m thankful for the opportunities that Augsburg provided me and am excited to continue to learn more about CS in graduate school. I am currently in the Ph.D. program in computer science at the University of Utah.”

Brian Ashbaugh

Brian“My education at Augsburg prepared me for both continuation of my academic goals and my professional career goals. The availability of the professors and the amount of one on one time greatly improved my ability to learn. I was shocked and amazed when I took my first class in the computer science department and asked a professor for help because that professor sat with me for about 20 minutes to further explain the topics discussed during class. The professors teach courses in an intimate setting which allows for increased interaction and a maximum learning experience. The very motivated, respected and knowledgeable computer science faculty went to great lengths to support and help me with my goals and dreams of going to graduate school. Currently I’m in the masters program in Information Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. My foci are in human computer interaction, web application development and computer security.”

Matt Quale

Matt“The Augsburg educational system has assisted me in many ways. The well-rounded liberal arts curriculum has given me the opportunity of observing many perspectives. These have helped me in securing a job before I graduated. I believe that having a broad liberal arts background was a large factor in securing the job. Attending Augsburg has been a life changing experience for me. I interned at American Express last summer and will be joining them when I graduate in May 2005.”

Reed Helgemo

RHelgemo“I have been working as a Programmer Analyst at Minnesota Life Insurance Company in downtown Saint Paul since June of 2004. My main responsibilities include web development using the Java Server Faces framework, and client file processing support. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a gifted faculty at Augsburg. The CS professors were always available to discuss issues and concerns I would have– even some weekends! Attending the CSEMs seminars exposed me to the various career paths that would be available to me after graduation. Augsburg’s Computer Science coursework covers a wide variety of concepts that span much of the discipline. I didn’t really know what to expect on my first day of work, but soon realized that I came well-prepared.”

Justin Wesley

Justin“I am a System Administrator/Web Developer at MetHodder in Minneapolis, MN. One of the great things about the Augsburg CS program is the fact that the class sizes are small. My personal relationship with all the CS professors is outstanding and even after graduating, I maintain contact with them. This personal relationship has allowed me to get honest feedback and good advice when it comes to life beyond college. As opposed to several two year schools that teach the JAVA language, Augsburg didn’t focus on just using one language. The main focus was on theory, and implementation. Augsburg gives you the tools to be successful in the CS field. One of the biggest reasons I have my current job is because of Augsburg. My employer knows the reputation Augsburg has, and would only look at Augsburg grads. It is because of Augsburg’s commitment to a well-rounded education that I can say I am successful in what I do, and the only thing stopping me from reaching the stars is me.”