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Mindfulness / Non Violent Communication

U of M Mindfulness for Students Club      Augsburg students have been invited to participate in the student mindfulness club at the University of Minnesota.  Every Friday at 5pm students gather to practice mindfulness skills together.  Sessions held in the Mayo Medical Building near the student union on the U of M campus (20 minute walk from Augsburg).

 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing

Sitting Together   Free meditation downloads and handouts

Self-Compassion exercises and guided meditations    Kristin Neff

Mindful Pause

Calm      Website and app with relaxing nature videos and guided meditations for stress management.   On the website, just click on the mountain icon on the bottom right of the screen to choose one of many relaxing nature scenes (mountain lake, ocean sunset, rainy forest and more).  Sign up for a free account and get access to some of the meditations, such as 7 Days of Calm, 7 Days of Managing Stress, 7 Days of Calming Anxiety, 7 Days of Sleep, 7 Days of Gratitude.  Access to more meditations with paid subscription.  Also has “Sleep Stories” — soothing the mind with stories to help you drift off into deep sleep (most with paid app).

Pacifica app  Basic app is free and has many good tools such as mood tracking, tracking daily health habits, and lots of free meditations:  Breathing exercises, mindfulness meditations, tools to calm down, support for stressful situations, and tools for inner strength; also online support community.  Premium app has more meditations, and cognitive behavioral therapy tools.  Start with the meditations under “Activities” or the Guided Paths under “Learning.”