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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Go Ask Alice    Q&A on college health, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, and mental health

Facts About Alcohol Overdose/Poisoning

collegedrinking Changing the Culture

Fentanyl Harm Reduction

Alcohol & Other Drug Addiction & Dependency

Minnesota Recovery Connection

Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup Number – Can give you the time and location of a group that will fit your schedule

Al-Anon – Support groups for those affected by someone else’s alcoholism

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Narcotics Anonymous

Hazelden Information Center

Women for Sobriety  “…the psychological (emotional) needs of women in recovery are very different from those of men. The New Life Program is directed to these specific needs of women in recovery.”

SMART Recovery  “SMART Recovery is the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group. Our participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups.”

SMART Recovery  Marijuana addiction — what does it look like?  online support

NAMI MN Dual Diagnosis Support Group  For adults living with both a mental illness and chemical dependency; online and in-person groups.


Assessment & Referral for Treatment

Fairview Recovery Services (across the street from Augsburg) provides confidential “assessments” for chemical dependency, if you are concerned that you may have a substance use problem and would like to understand treatment resources available to you.  Most health insurance will cover an assessment (call your health insurance customer service number to find out about your plan coverage).  If you don’t have insurance, Augsburg may be able to cover the cost of the assessment, or may help you find a state-funded free assessment (for information, have a confidential conversation with a counselor in the Center for Wellness & Counseling, or inquire with the Office of Student Affairs).  Call 612-672-2736 to schedule an evaluation.

M Health Fairview Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Treatment Programs

Hennepin County Chemical Health Services – 612-348-4111

Tubman – 612-870-2426


SAMSA National Helpline  1-800-662-HELP (4357)   24/7, free treatment referral and information service (English and Spanish)

Substance Use Treatment Locator   US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

University of Minnesota Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Programs – Confidential chemical dependency evaluations. Call 612-672-2736 to schedule an evaluation. Takes most insurances.

Hazelden Center  – 651-213-4000  (St. Paul location; also locations in Maple Grove and Plymouth)

Pride Institute – Chemical dependency and behavioral health services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. 800-547-7743

Club Recovery

The Retreat   Non-clinical, mutual help approach, grounded in the spiritual principles of AA;  “affordable”

First Nation Recovery Center  Native-based, faith-based, 12 step recovery program;  Minneapolis 612-871-1208

Smiley’s Clinic — Opioid Recovery Care   Compassionate, non-judgmental whole-person approach to outpatient treatment.  “Our program features medication-assisted treatment with suboxone and other medications, support from behavioral health specialists and clinical pharmacists, evidence-based care and a team approach.  We provide these services to patients over age 18 who are not currently taking methadone.”  For more information or to make an appointment, call 612-333-0770.

11 Indicators of Quality Addiction Treatment  Recovery Research Institute

Addiction Treatment Scams Explained  Recovery Research Institute

States show large racial disparities in drug treatment success rates


Gambling Addiction

Gambler’s Anonymous     12-step support program     1-855-222-5542

Minnesota Gambling Problems Resource Center     Confidential 24 hour hotline.  Information and referral for services for problem/compulsive gamblers and other concerned individuals.    1-800-333-HOPE

M Health Fairview Compulsive Gambling Program


Sexual Addiction

Sex Addicts Anonymous   12-step support program

Cornerstone Therapy & Recovery