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Quitting Tobacco


QuitPlan   “No Judgments. Just Help.”  Complete, free, confidential online support for quitting smoking, including creating your own QuitPlan, asking questions of expert counselors, learning from quit guides, and getting online support from the QuitNet community. Named one of the top 10 health sites on the web.  1-888-354-7526


American Lung Association of Minnesota    Self-help program or 8-week “Freedom from Smoking” classes available online or in groups.  


Quitter’s Circle   Online support community


Become an Ex    Three step program to quitting tobacco.  Truth Initiative partnered with the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center to launch BecomeAnEX in 2008 as a free digital resource to help tobacco users quit. This resource includes an active social community, text and email messaging support, expert guidance and interactive quitting tools.   Includes info for veterans, women, teens, and 60+.  Get support from SmokefreeTXT (texts to your smartphone).


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention How to Quit   Includes “Tips From Former Smokers” campaign.


QuitStart mobile app   Free smartphone app that helps you quit smoking with tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges.


QuitGuide mobile app    Free smartphone app that helps you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to become and stay smoke-free.


Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2018


Minnesota Department of Health Quitting Tobacco