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Health Care for Students




425 20th Avenue South (one block west from Augsburg, off Riverside Avenue)

People’s Center Augsburg Student page

Augsburg University contracts with  People’s Center a neighborhood family practice clinic, to provide a wide range of health care services year-round for uninsured Augsburg students.   People’s Center also accepts most insurances.  Students with insurance should contact their insurance customer service number to confirm that People’s Center is in their provider network.

Uninsured Augsburg students may see a family physician at People’s Center for a $5 co-pay (on showing their Augsburg identification card).  Some other services at People’s Center (such as some lab work) are included in the Augsburg contract, others are not.  Students using the Augsburg contract at People’s Center should thoroughly read the contract below to familiarize themselves with what is, and is not, covered.  Call or email the Center for Wellness & Counseling if you have questions about what is covered, or if you think you have been billed in error (612-330-1707,

Other Health Services Near Augsburg

COVID-19 vaccine  (no charge to patient)

Note about family planning, STI testing, and pregnancy testing at People’s Center:

Please note that testing for STIs is NOT included in the Augsburg contract; see Sexual Health page for low cost resources for STI testing.  Pregnancy testing is included as the lab work is done on-site.

Minnesota Family Planning Program provides free family planning services, including free birth control, STI testing, and yearly exams, if you qualify.  People’s Center will help you apply for the program.

Augsburg Student Health Service Agreement With People’s Center Clinics and Services

June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023

People’s Center Clinics and Services (PCCS) agrees to provide student health services to enrolled Augsburg University Students in accordance with guidelines listed below.  This applies to all undergraduate and graduate programs.

 STUDENTS WITHOUT INSURANCE ($5 co-pay for office visits)

  1. Student IDs must be presented at the front desk before every appointment.
  2. Students will be responsible for a co-pay of $5.00 at the time of their visit under this Agreement.
  3. PCCS will provide the following covered services under the Agreement:
  • Office visits for acute or chronic medical problems.
  • Lab tests drawn and completed onsite at PCCS (including COVID tests, urine pregnancy test, urinalysis, glucose hemoglobin A1C, hemoglobin, rapid strep test).
  • Tetanus, COVID-19, and influenza immunizations.
  • Tuberculosis skin test (Mantoux).
  • As available, we may provide casts, crutches, splints, slings, and ace bandages.
  1. Charges for all laboratory tests sent out to Quest lab (and, not performed in-house) are NOT covered under this agreement. The Quest lab expenses will be the responsibility of the student, and they will be informed of the additional expense before the lab test is performed.
  2. The following services may be provided by PCCS but are not covered by the Agreement. When provided, these services would be subject to the usual PCCS sliding-scale policy for uninsured patients WITH an additional nominal fee. The nominal fee may be waived due to hardship per the PCCS sliding scale policy.
  • Most medications, unless samples are available.
  • All immunizations, except tetanus, COVID-19 and influenza.
  • Behavioral health services. These services are covered by the Augsburg Center for Wellness & Counseling.
  • Sports physicals.
  • Screening for sexually transmitted illnesses, birth control, e., IUDs, Depo, etc.*
  • COVID testing, vaccines, boosters.

*These services are not covered by the Agreement, and they would be the student’s responsibility. However, on request, PCCS will support students desiring these services and assist in obtaining coverage through an application to the Minnesota Family Planning Program. 

PCCS will have MNSure Navigator available to students who are interested in discussing health care insurance options.



  1. Students will be responsible for their insurance co-pays at the time of their appointment.
  2. PCCS agrees to bill the student’s insurance company for all medical charges; and,
  3. If there is a remaining balance after the claim has been processed, the student or primary insurance holder will be responsible for the remaining balance.


  • All medical information and or data concerning specific patients (including, but not limited to, the identity of the patients), derived from or maintained during the course of the performance of this Agreement shall be treated by the parties as confidential so as to comply with each party’s applicable law.
  • PCCS and Augsburg acknowledge and understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of such information.



See the Student Support Guide — Pharmacies section

GoodRx is a very helpful website where you get coupons for cheap prescriptions for many medications, works for self-pay prescriptions not insurance