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Statistics- In Person

For new and experienced AP teachers

course description:

This course will create understanding of, and instill confidence in AP Statistics in a collaborative, judgement-free environment. Big ideas include exploring and visualizing one and two variable data, sampling and experimentation, probability, random variables, sampling distributions, and statistical inference via confidence intervals and significance tests. Simulation is used throughout to increase understanding. We will explore and
engage the content through activities that can be implemented immediately in the classroom. During the week we will examine the four major content areas of the AP course, with discussions and explorations tailored to the experience, comfort level, interests, and needs of participants. In addition, we will discuss teaching strategies and classroom details such as student projects, homework, quizzes, AP Daily, AP Classroom, online AP
Question Bank and grading. A good bit of time will be devoted to the AP exam, including its structure, how it is written, and how it is graded. We will examine the grading of the 2021 exam in depth. Learning is supported with an introduction to graphing calculators. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a graphing calculator and laptop.


consultant: sarah johnson

Sarah Johnson, Statistics consultant

Proud professional educator, Sarah M. Johnson, teaches Mathematics & Statistics at Grand Blanc High School in Grand Blanc, Michigan. She has been teaching AP Statistics for more than 15 years and currently serves as an AP Consultant for the Midwest Region of the College Board. Sarah has also worked as an AP Statistics Table Leader, AP Rubric Team Member, AP Reader, AP Multiple Choice Item Writer, a National Delegate to the Academic Assembly of the College Board, College Board Diversity Initiatives Advisory Panel, NCTM Proposal Reviewer, and as both a Consultant & Mentor with the National Mathematics & Science Initiative. Once upon a time, Sarah raised her hand in a department meeting and asked the question: “Why don’t we have this AP Stats class I heard about?”  This is the last time she has raised her hand in a meeting to date.  Since that day, she has been educating the masses about fighting our two enemies: bias & variability, and maintaining focus on the #1 job of any statistician– translating statistics into English for common folk. Sarah uses simulation-based activities to ensure her students are good consumers of data (and also to keep them from sleeping in class).  Her passion is helping teachers love statistics as much as she does, and she especially enjoys learning from the experiences of workshop participants! Sarah is married to her marine engineer / program manager husband, and they are attempting to herd cats—err raise 4 beautiful daughters (a.k.a. “Those Johnson Girls” ages 22, 14, 10, and 5).