Anthony A Bibus III

Professor Emeritus

“I approach learning as something shared between the teacher and the student. The role of the teacher is to make the environment safe for learning, safe to make mistakes, and to evaluate how much learning did in fact happen. Students and teachers are partners in the process of learning, with clearly defined roles.”

Bibus believes that the faculty at Augsburg University tries to be better than any other school in the area of personal attention to their students. Each professor must be able to teach to a wide range of learning styles, what he defines as a diversity of learning styles and a diversity of experience. “At Augsburg, we must be specialists at being broad enough to accommodate the strengths and weaknesses of all of our students.”

As Chair of the Social Work department, Bibus enjoys the opportunity to be aware of everything that faculty and students are doing. “It is invigorating to have the opportunity to experience all of it vicariously.”

Being the parent of an alum has also allowed Bibus to develop another level of awareness for the transformative education that Augsburg provides. “It is truly a college where one can cultivate the caring part of yourself and is one of the kindest places I have ever had the pleasure to work in.”


  • B.A. University of St. Thomas
  • M.A. University of Virginia
  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Teaching and Responsibilities

  • Child Welfare
  • Family-based services
  • Work with involuntary clients
  • Supervision
  • Social Policy
  • Social work ethics
  • International models of practice
  • Peace and Justice
  • Social work education