Alicia Quella

CB 149

Alicia QuellaDr. Alicia Quella is an Associate Professor and Program Director at the Augsburg University Physician Assistant Program.

Dr. Quella realized her interest in the PA profession when she worked in public health as a US Peace Corps volunteer in the Central African Republic.  She gained further health care experience working in a private hospital and a government funded maternity hospital.  Throughout, she focused her work on the treatment and prevention of diarrheal illness in children under 5 years old.

Dr. Quella graduated from the University of Iowa Physician Assistant Program in 1999 and later received a doctorate in epidemiology in 2010.  As a faculty member, she enjoys teaching some of the emergency medicine topics such as psychiatric and toxicological emergencies.  She also teaches epidemiology, biostatistics, and various elements of public health.   Her research interests include medical error, physician assistants in global health, and PA workforce issues.

In 2015, Dr. Quella was awarded an AAPA Global Health grant.  The grant allowed her to travel with four PA students to the LAO People’s Democratic Republic (LPDR).  While in the LPDR, Dr. Quella and her fellow travelers engaged with and taught local PA students.