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Student Emergency Fund

Rationale: In this unprecedented time, many Augsburg students are facing additional challenges. Many students are experiencing the loss of income and jobs as segments of the economy shut down, challenges in providing for their families, challenges in returning home to out of state family, and uncertainty around their ability to finance their Augsburg education.

The student emergency fund is a pool of dollars to support students with emergency funding over the next few months as we all grapple with the challenges of COVID19.  

Students may request up to $500 for the following reasons ($500 is not guaranteed for every request):

  • Basic Needs (food, rent, transportation, medication)
  • Course materials (books, etc)
  • Access to laptops and wireless to complete their spring courses online
  • Other

The fund is administered by the Dean of Students and is available to students via an online application.  Students will write a short summary of the financial emergency. The Dean of Students and Chief Student Success Officer will administer funds based on applications received and demonstrated need.  If the fund has not been used in its entirety by the time the issues related to the current situation expire, any left over money will be put into the fund to support student course materials.  

You can donate to the Student Emergency Fund on our online giving page.