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Mark Lester presenting at Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

CGE-Central America co-director, Mark Lester, will be at the Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice this week. The Teach-In is an event of the Ignatian Solidarity Network. He will be presenting a session entitled, “Incarnating Ourselves in the Reality of the Oppressed Majorities: Essential for Sustainable Development.”

His abstract states: Statistics and studies on the poverty, landlessness, and unemployment in the global south abound. But more important is “incarnating ourselves in the reality of the impoverished majorities,” which implies understanding their current survival strategies. When we are able to see the world from their perspective, their current approach does make sense. This is then the key to opening the door for a mutual collaboration where we can discover how we can truly support them in attaining a level of greater empowerment. In the process we, too, are changed.