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Nicaragua – An Emerging Tourist Destination

Choosing a study abroad program requires analysis of academics, finances, living situations, dates, credit transfer, and more.  CGE also believes the level of immersion, community engagement, and exposure to a breadth of society – no matter the location – is what constitutes and transformational study abroad experience. Indeed, the actual location may not even be the most important factor in your decision.  Nonetheless, we can’t help but feel excitement that Nicaragua – one of CGE’s most popular countries for both semester and short-term programs – is being more widely recognized for its physical beauty and cultural heritage. Still, Nicaragua is not yet overrun with tourists and it remains an off the beaten path study abroad location.  And the historical context and relationship with the US continues to fascinate those looking for a truly eye-opening educational experience.

Nicaragua has been cited as one of the top “budget” destinations for travelers. This is a relatively new trend because, despite statistics showing its safety for travelers, many people have associated the country with the country’s wars of past decades.  Yet, the colonial city of Granada, the volcanoes of Masaya, and the Miraflor natural reserve are winning over travelers.  CGE’s semester program includes travel to all of these locations and many short-term program participants have the opportunity to visit them as well.