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Dr. Ann Lutterman-Aguilar: Mexican Women Fan the Flames of Hope

Dr. Ann Lutterman-Aguilar spoke with approximately 150 people in San Miguel de Allende on International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8.  She was a guest of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
Ann’s talk was entitled “Mexican Women Fan the Flames of Hope.” She talked about the variety of challenges faced by Mexican women, including poverty, unequal access to education, domestic violence, sexual assault, death from illegal abortions, and feminicide.  However, her primary focus was on the hope that can be found among both secular and religious groups within Mexico that are working on all of these issues.
In a country where conservative elements of the Catholic church have had a huge influence on silencing progressive women’s voices, Ann argued that it is especially important to recognize the Catholic feminist groups that are actively organizing on women’s issues, often challenging the hierarchy of the church.  She provided quotes and examples from Mexican women and groups who are using feminist liberation theologies in their struggles. All of them are individuals and groups who have spoken with Augsburg’s CGEE short-term, summer, and semester programs.
The talk was very well received, and Ann was particularly delighted that one of her favorite authors, Sandra Cisneros, was in attendance.  Sandra’s readings are assigned in many CGEE courses!  Ann was incredible honored to speak with Sandra after her presentation.