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Environmental Stewardship Action Plan

Augsburg’s Climate Action Plan (2010) has been updated with a new Environmental Action Plan and accompanying initiatives for 2016-2019.

The Augsburg University Environmental Stewardship Committee of the University Council has identified three goals in which all members of the Augsburg University community can participate. Recognizing that the shift toward environmental stewardship is a living process that requires ongoing engagement, monitoring, and updating, the plan lays out a framework to build ownership of and distribute responsibility for progress toward the Augsburg community Augsburg will:

1) Guide campus practices and operations to minimize negative impacts on the natural environment.

Initiative: Eliminate the sale, reimbursement, and provision of bottled water on campus to reduce waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to supporting water as a human right and not a commodity, by using already available local tap water.

2) Support curriculum and scholarship that integrates environmental stewardship.

Initiative: Work in concert with General Education to strategize implementation and measurement of the institutional learning outcome on sustainability and wellness.

3) Cultivate personal ownership and a community culture of environmental stewardship.

Initiative: Institutionalize compost practices across campus through daily actions of every member of the Augsburg community to reduce landfill dependency and greenhouse gas emissions.