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As members of a broader community concerned with environmental issues, Augsburg University draws on the insights and work of many off-campus organizations, agencies, and groups. For more information, look to the links below.

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Environmental resource use


Waste reduction and recycling

Consumer information

Campus greening

Religion and environmental stewardship

Environmental education

Local, state, and regional agencies

National advocacy organizations

Jobs and Careers

Environmental resource use

Ecological Footprint Quiz – A quiz to find an individual’s “ecological footprint.”

Turn the Tide – Simple actions anyone can take to make a difference for the environment.

U.S. Green Building Council – A building industry group promoting environmentally friendly design and building practices.

The Natural Step – A group working towards global sustainability.

GreenBiz – An environmental responsibility resource for businesses.


Metro Transit – Public transit provider for the Twin Cities.

The Hub Bike Co-op – A local bicycle co-op.

Freewheel Bicycle Store – A local bicycle store.

Midwest Mountaineering – A local outdoor equipment store with bicycling resources.

City of Minneapolis Bicycling – Information about biking in the Twin Cities. Provided by the City of Minneapolis.

Nice Ride Minnesota – A nonprofit bicycle sharing provider for Minneapolis and St Paul.

Midtown Greenway Coalition – A grassroots organization involving neighborhoods, businesses and individuals who advocated the building and development of the Midtown Greenway trails and work to protect and maintain them today.

Biodiesel – Facts about biodiesel, its benefits and where to purchase across the U.S.

U.S. Department of Energy – A resource on biodiesel: what it is, its cost relative to other fuels, precautions, suppliers, laws and incentives for using biodiesel.

Waste reduction and recycling

Living Green – Learn about ways to reduce waste. Provided by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Recycling Association of Minnesota – Information about recycling in Minnesota, along with other waste reduction information.

The Freecycle Network – Listings of items being given away for free, allowing unwanted items to be reused.

Twin Cities FreeMarket – Listings of items being given away for free, allowing unwanted items to be reused.

Wheels for Wishes – The Minnesota Wheels for Wishes organization accepts any vehicle (cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, etc.), whether it is running or not. They recycle or auction old vehicles, benefiting Make-A-Wish Minnesota.

Consumer Information

Green Home Institute – A group that provides information regarding sustainable building practices to both professionals and homeowners.

Green America – A group that provides consumer information with a focus on sustainability.

The Green Guide – A guide to help the individual consumer make environmentally sound choices.

Greener Cars – An environmental guide to cars and trucks.

Personal Creations – A comprehensive, A-Z guide that includes 200+ everyday items that can be recycled, both from the home and the garden.


Campus Greening

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) – An organization of educational institutions working for sustainability.

Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future – An international nonprofit working with colleges and universities for sustainable practices.

Campus Greening Initiative – An organization that works with campuses on sustainability projects.

International Institute for Sustainable Development – The Institute provides a toolkit for thinking about green campuses.

Second Nature – A consulting group that works with educational institutions for sustainability.


Religion and Environmental Stewardship

Center for Environmental Philosophy – An international journal of environment, culture and religion.

Evangelical Environmental Network – An evangelical ministry focused on care of the environment.

Creation Justice Ministries – An office of the National Council of Churches.

Lutherans Restoring Creation – a grassroots movement promoting care for creation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

National Religious Partnership for the Environment – An association of independent faith groups.


Environmental education

Center for Eco-literacy – A center dedicated to education regarding sustainable living.

Environmental Law Institute – An independent, non-partisan environmental education and policy research center.

Environmental Literacy Council – Tools for teachers on environmental topics.

Global Footprint Network – A group advancing the use of the Ecological Footprint as a measure of impact.

An Inconvenient Truth – Information on global warming. Linked to the film An Inconvenient Truth.

Next Step – A Minnesota pollution control agency with environmental resources and job board.

Rocky Mountain Institute – An institute focused on energy policy.

Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge – A Minnesota network of Environmental Education resources

Environmental Education and Training Partnership – A partnership between the EPA and the University of Wisconsin.

SEDAC Environmental Sustainability – A central point to access data about sustainability.


Local, state, and regional agencies

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – State agency for pollution control.

Audubon Minnesota – The Minnesota chapter of the national conservation group.

Clean Water Action Alliance of Minnesota – The Minnesota chapter of the national organization Clean Water Action.

Fresh Energy – A nonprofit working towards cleaner energy options.

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area – A Minneapolis-based group dedicated to protecting the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area.

Friends of the Mississippi River – A group working for a healthier Mississippi River, especially in the Twin Cities area.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance – Assists organizations of all types to operate in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways.

Izaak Walton League – A wildlife and environmental conservation group.

Land Stewardship Project – A group supporting stewardship of farmland and sustainable land use.

Minnesota Association for Environmental Education – An environmental education promoter and professional network.

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy – A Minnesota environmental advocacy group.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources – Our state’s Department of Natural Resources.

Minnesota Environmental Fund – An organization that helps fund a number of environmental groups.

Minnesota Environmental Initiative – An organization that uses partnerships to advance environmental projects.

Minnesota Environmental Partnership – A coalition of environmental and conservation groups in Minnesota.

Minnesota Environmental Quality Board – A state policy group.

Minnesota Food Association – A group that works towards a more sustainable food system.

The Minnesota Project – A nonprofit organization working towards a range of sustainability initiatives.

Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota – For the management of Minnesota’s public parks and trails.

Recycling Association of Minnesota – Resources for finding recycling centers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro and in out-state Minnesota

Sierra Club – The Minnesota chapter of the national conservation organization.

The Tree Trust – A community forestry and tree-planting group.

Trust for Public Land – A national land conservation organization.

Voyageurs National Park – A significant national park in northern Minnesota.

White Earth Land Recovery Project – An organization dedicated to reclamation of land to more sustainable practices.

Wilderness Inquiry – A nature appreciation organization.

Women’s Environmental Network – A professional organization for women with careers in the environmental field.

National environmental advocacy organizations

CLSP Environmental Advocacy Project – A group coordinating efforts on environmental causes.

Environmental Defense Fund – A national advocacy group.

Friends of the Earth – The U.S. arm of the international organization.

National Resources Defense Council – A national advocacy group.

Campus Ecology Program – A program of the National Wildlife Federation

The Nature Conservancy – A conservation organization.

Rainforest Action Network – A conservation organization focused on the rainforests of the world.

Save Our Environment Action Center – A site that coordinates efforts for environmental causes.

World Wildlife Fund – An organization dedicated to protecting endangered species and their habitats.

Jobs and Careers

Careers in Sustainability – Resource guide for choosing majors and learning about career possibilities in sustainability fields

Orion Magazine Grassroots Jobsource – Job postings for broad range of environmental positions

Good Food Jobs – Job posting for food and sustainable agriculture positions

Environmental Career – Resources and job board for environmental careers

Conservation Job Board – Job posting for conservation-related fields, including environmental education