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Monday, April 4, 2016: Preparation for construction

Preparation has begun for construction of the Norman and Evangeline Hagfors Center for Science, Business, and Religion. Below is a summary of current and upcoming activities.

Utility work on 8th Street South and 21st Avenue South

Utility providers are working on relocating the wiring currently attached to the utility poles along 21st Avenue. This work will primarily be conducted along the south side of 8th Street between 20th and 21st avenues and along both sides of 21st Avenue from 7th Street South to the I-94 freeway wall. Included in this group of utilities companies are Xcel Energy, Comcast, CenturyLink, US Internet, and Arvig ,among others. The sections needed for work on any given day will be marked the evening before.

Construction on the west side of Oren Gateway Center

Reconstruction of the dumpster area on the west side of Oren Gateway Center will begin soon and will include demolition, concrete, and block work. This work will create an area for ground-mounted equipment to support the utilities relocated for construction. The area will be expanded, and additional screening will be installed at a later date. Access to the delivery area for the bookstore will be maintained.

Electrical service work in Lot F

On the northwest corner of Anderson Residence Hall, crews will be working to establish a temporary electrical service that will supply power to the construction site. As part of this work, some existing mechanical equipment will be removed and a temporary transformer will be installed. Two parking stalls in the southwest corner of Lot F will be taken offline to provide space for needed equipment installation.

Cottonwood tree pruning; removal of other trees in the construction area

The large cottonwood tree near the community gardens will not be removed due to construction, but it will require extensive pruning for safety reasons. This pruning work will be completed in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, several other trees in the construction area will be removed over the next couples of weeks. That work will start as time and weather permits.

Initial construction fencing

Construction fencing near the community garden will be installed during the week of April 18. This section of the fencing will not impact any parking area. This portion of fencing is being installed early to ensure that the community gardens may be planted without disruption from fence installation at a later date.

Parking and street closure for groundbreaking and construction

On Friday, April 29, Augsburg will host a donor groundbreaking ceremony for the Hagfors Center. Lot G will be closed for this event. Following commencement ceremonies on Saturday, April 30, Lot G will close permanently.

Lot F and 7th Street South will remain open until noon on Monday, May 2, to accommodate the final student move-out from Anderson and Luther residence halls. As of Monday afternoon, May 2, Lot F and 7th Street South between 20th and 21st avenues will be closed permanently.

Construction of the Hagfors Center will begin the week of May 2, beginning with installation of the remainder of the construction site fencing. Over the first couple of weeks, construction activities will include construction trailer setup, excavation, hauling of soil offsite, parking lot and tree removal (note: the cottonwood tree near the community gardens will not be removed due to construction; see above), and demolition of the existing house at 623 20th Avenue South.