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Monday, May 16, 2016: Earth work continues

Excavation and dirt hauling will continue at the construction site for the next several weeks. McGough Construction is working in coordination with the City of Minneapolis to minimize traffic congestion and accommodate safety on and around the construction site during this time. As always, pedestrians and drivers should proceed with care around the construction site to ensure their safety and that of others on campus.


Parking lots A and D remain closed for work to expand Lot D into the former tennis court area and to resurface Lot A. Once an opening date is confirmed, Facilities will communicate the date via Amail.


Activities expected this week on the construction site include the following:

  • Construction site safety. For everyone’s safety, no unauthorized personnel should enter the fenced area. The construction site gates will be open during the work day, but only authorized personnel should enter the site at any time. All authorized personnel on the site will wear hard hats and safety vests.
  • Truck traffic for excavation and concrete pouring. There will continue to be significant truck traffic on the site and to/from the site as excavation and dirt hauling continue. Over the next several weeks, as the soil export work continues, trucks will be temporarily lined up along 20th and 21st avenues south and along South 8th Street in order to make soil loading and hauling as efficient as possible. A traffic flagger will be on site to monitor truck traffic and provide traffic assistance as needed.
  • Tower crane installation. The concrete pad is poured, and the tower crane will be erected this week. The tower is more 100 feet tall. For safety purposes, it will not be locked in position when not in use, but will be allowed to rotate (as a weather vane does) with the wind. As a result, the crane may rotate even if there is no operator.
  • Construction trailers. One additional construction trailer will be added to the site this week. Metal tool sheds will be moved to and from the site throughout the construction project as various sub-contractors are engaged in different stages of the work.
  • Demolition of the house at 623 20th Avenue South. Demolition of the house located on the construction site is anticipated to occur during the week of May 16. McGough Construction will ensure proper safety precautions are taken for removal of the structure.


Equipment installation work is in progress on the west side of Anderson Residence Hall to support additional temporary power service for the construction site, Reconstruction also continues west of Oren Gateway Center to create an expanded area for utilities support equipment. City of Minneapolis parking restrictions may remain in force on 21st Avenue South until this work is completed. A screening fence for the area will be added to that area later during the summer.

Inclusivity in Contracting

As a member of the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership, Augsburg is committed to hiring businesses based in the ZIP codes surrounding the central corridor, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses for a minimum of 10 percent of total construction costs of the Hagfors Center project. Local, minority-owned and women-owned construction businesses can contact Karin McCabe, director of outreach for McGough Construction, at 651-634-4615 or for information about McGough’s pre-qualification process for sub-contractors.