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Tuesday, July 5, 2016: Getting ready to build upward

As construction on the basement level of the Hagfors Center nears completion, crews begin preparations for first-floor construction and beyond.


  • Chiller installation. Two 15-foot chillers will be trucked into the construction site and lifted by the tower crane from the truck bed to their installation location in the basement of the building.
  • Footings, foundations, and basement walls and floor. With the continued work on the footings and foundations, the outline of the building will be substantially completed this week. The concrete slab for the basement floor also will be finished. Soil hauling will continue as crews backfill dirt along the exterior of the basement walls and building foundations.
  • Preparations for construction of the first floor and above. Assembling the forms for the concrete pours for the first deck (the basement ceiling/floor of the ground level) continues this week. Crews will also start trucking in materials for the concrete forms for the second-floor slab and subsequent floors.
  • Construction site tree removal. The planned tree removal on the construction site (four trees along South 6th Street and the street trees on the west side of 21st Avenue South) is pending utility pole removal along 21st Avenue South. The City of Minneapolis-approved landscaping plan calls for seven new 3-inch oaks along South 6th Street, providing tighter spacing and a denser canopy on the north side of the Hagfors Center, and nine new street trees along 21st Avenue South. Those trees will be planted in the summer of 2017.


Work continues on the north end of 21st Avenue South, as Xcel Energy reroutes electrical service for the Hagfors Center. City of Minneapolis sidewalk closures and parking restrictions may continue on the west side of Oren Gateway Center as a result.