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Monday, July 11, 2016: Formwork for building floors and ceilings

With the basement floor complete and the formwork in place to pour the basement ceiling, construction crews now begin to assemble the forms that will support the concrete pours for the floors and ceilings of the building’s four storys.


  • Basement floor is complete. The concrete slab for the basement floor is done. Soil backfilling outside the basement walls is expected to continue for several more weeks.
  • Preparations for construction of the first floor. The forms for the concrete pour of the basement ceiling are completed — so, you now can no longer see the basement floor while standing at ground level on the construction site. The basement ceiling will be poured in the next week or two.
  • Preparing the formwork for the remaining ceilings/floors. Pre-built formwork — shaped like large tables — are being assembled on the construction site. These forms will support the concrete pour for the ceiling of the first floor and then, when the concrete for that story is hardened, the forms will be removed by the tower crane and positioned for the concrete pour for the next story.
  • Utility pole and tree removal.  Following last week’s storm McGough is working with Xcel Energy to determine when they will remove the utility poles along 21st Avenue South. Following the removal of those utility poles, the planned tree removal on the construction site (four trees along South 6th Street and the street trees on the west side of 21st Avenue South) will be scheduled.


Work on the west side of Oren Gateway Center is still in progress, as Xcel Energy works to reroute electrical service for the Hagfors Center. City of Minneapolis sidewalk closures and parking restrictions may continue on 21st Avenue South as a result.