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Monday, October 3, 2016: Landscape plans include 90 new trees

Hagfors Center tree planting plan showing tree species and placement
Tree planting plan for the Hagfors Center construction site as of October 1, 2016. The Hagfors site will serve as part of Augsburg’s Urban Arboretum, a dynamic multi-functional green space that deepens the student, faculty, and community experience through hands-on education, research and recreational programs.

The tree planting plan for the Hagfors Center construction site has been approved by the City of Minneapolis. The trees selected for this plan represent a variety of native species and will be planted in summer 2017.The tree colors in the plan above represent the fall color of each species. The Hagfors Center site is part of Augsburg’s vision for an Urban Arboretum on campus.


Work expected on the construction work this week includes the following:

  • Preparation for construction of the skyway. This week, crews will begin building a temporary interior wall on the west end of the second floor of Lindell Library. The temporary wall will block the interior from the construction work on the skyway. It will remove the seating area at the end of that space, but access to the elevators and restrooms will remain available.
  • Construction begins on the third floor of the west wing. The second-story floor and columns of the west wing are complete. Crews are now installing the concrete formwork for the third floor of that section of the building, which is the top floor of that wing. Following completion of this third-floor slab, there will be one more slab poured on this wing, which will serve as the roof.

    Hagfors Center basement hallway under construction
    View of Hagfors Center basement interior, September 2016.
  • Installation work in the basement. Work continues on the installation of electrical conduit, piping for wastewater and other plumbing in the basement. Metal stud framing for interior walls and door frame installation also are in progress. Installation of the concrete block basement walls will be done this week. See the photo at the right for a view of how the basement currently looks.
  • First-floor piping, electrical, metal framing and duct work installation. Crews are continuing installation of piping and electrical conduit on the first floor this week. Duct work and metal stud framing are also being installed this week on the ground floor.
  • Structural steel fabrication. The structural steel for the partial fourth floor (on the north wing) is currently being fabricated at an off-site location.
  • Work west of Oren Gateway Center. The next work to take place in the area west of Oren Gateway Center will be the installation of steel framing for the screening fence. Once the design and placement of the fence are finalized, off-site fabrication of the materials for the fence will begin.