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Monday, October 17, 2016: Fourth-floor construction

Members of the Augsburg College Board of Regents toured the Hagfors Center construction site on Friday, October 14. Despite windy conditions, Regents climbed to the top floor of the structure to take in the views. Regents also saw a time-lapse video of the construction project during the tours.

Construction Site Work

Construction work this week includes the following:

Regents Touring the Hagfors Center construction site October 14, 2016
Augsburg College Board of Regents members tour the Hagfors Center construction site during their October 2016 Board meeting.
  • Fourth-floor roof construction. Construction on the fourth-floor roof of the north wing begins this week with installation of the structural steel roof. The building will reach its full height with this fourth-floor installation.
  • Third-floor roof of the west wing. The concrete pour for the roof of the west wing is scheduled this week. As with prior concrete pours, this work will involve staging of concrete trucks on adjacent streets to enable a consistent concrete supply for the pour. Watch for signage regarding parking restrictions. Each concrete pour — two for each level of the north wing and one for each level of the west wing — was more than a million pounds of concrete.
  • Site preparations for additional mobile cranes. Site preparations, including leveling of the site, are underway this week to prepare for additional mobile cranes on the construction site. Mobile cranes will arrive on site in subsequent weeks.
  • Preparations for construction of the skyway. This week, crews will begin building the footings for the skyway in and north of the driveway on the west side of Lindell Library. This work may require the removal of one or more trees on the east side of 21st Avenue South. McGough Construction will work with the City of Minneapolis to determine plans, as needed, to ensure that the City’s tree quantity requirements are met. Augsburg’s Facilities Department is working to coordinate the work to minimize disruption to building access and trash service on that side of the Lindell.
  • North and west wing connection. Work continues this week to prepare for the steel beam installation that will connect the north and west wings of the building.
  • Piping, electrical, metal framing, and duct work installation. Last week, the boilers were set in what will be the mechanical room on the roof of the north wing  This week, utility infrastructure and interior framing will continue in the basement and up to the third floor of the north wing.
  • Fabrication of fencing materials for the site west of Oren Gateway. Fabrication of the screening fence for the area west of Oren Gateway Center continues this week. Fencing fabrication is expected to take several weeks, and installation is anticipated for later this fall.

Also, Augsburg’s ART226 Workshop class and visiting artist Anne Baumgartner are preparing an art installation called The Wonder Project, which will be installed on the construction site fence along 21st Avenue South starting this week. Learn more about on The Wonder Project on the Augsburg Art Galleries Facebook page.