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May 30, 2017: Preparations for the elm wood wall

Crews have completed installation of the window fin extensions that add accent colors to the exterior of the Hagfors Center. The photo below shows several of those windows, as well as the perfect blending of the precast brick with the handset brick on the flexible classroom.

Handset and precast brick sections blend beautifully
The handset brick on the flexible classroom (right) blends perfectly with the precast brick installed on the rest of the building.

Construction Site Work

Frame of two-story lobby wall .
Elm wood panels will be attached to the two-story lobby wall and ceiling under the Gundale Chapel.
  • Elm wood wall. Preparations are underway for the two-story elm wood wall in the lobby area. The elm wood extends to the ceiling, marking the area of Gundale Chapel floor. Elm wood panels will be attached to the metal strips, shown in the top right photo.
  • Skyway. With the glass installation complete crews have begun roughing in the mechanical and electrical ceiling work this week.
  • Basement staircase. The final staircase — located just north of the lobby and running from the basement to the first floor — is being installed this week.
  • Lab flooring. Crews have begun installation of rubber flooring in the labs on first floor this week.
  • Exterior semi-circle concrete benches.
    Concrete for sidewalks and the circular areas connecting exterior seating benches will be poured this week.

    Exterior seating. Now that the circular seating areas on the east side of the building have been poured, crews are working on pouring the circular concrete areas and sidewalks that connect them together. This work also includes pouring the sidewalk along 21st Avenue South and is contingent on weather. See photo at right.

  • Cable installation. Many yards of network cabling are being installed as crews continue to sheetrock, tape, sand, and paint interior spaces. See photo, lower left.
  • Louvers for mechanical area. Installation of the louvers on the exterior wall of the rooftop mechanical area is wrapping up this week. The louvers allow for ventilation while screening the mechanical equipment from view. See photo, lower right.
Louver installation on the rooftop mechanical area
Louver installation on exterior of the rooftop mechanical area
Yards of networking cable ready for installation.
Networking cable is ready for installation.