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June 19, 2017: Lobby lighting

McGough Construction crews and HGA architects did an early morning shift last week–arriving on campus at 4:30 a.m., before dawn, to position the main ceiling lights in the lobby to illuminate the 2-story elm wood wall. The photos below show the warm glow of the lights from inside the lobby and outside the building, a glow that will be much appreciated during the short days of winter!

Ceiling lights illuminate the wood wall in the lobby
Ceiling lights are positioned to illuminate the 2-story elm wood wall in the Hagfors Center lobby.
An exterior view of the illuminated Hagfors Center lobby.
The illuminated Hagfors Center lobby is visible from outside the building.















Construction Site Work

Ceiling grid and tile installation in progress in the lobby
Installation of the lobby ceiling grid, tile, and lights was completed last week.

Lobby ceiling. Last week, crews worked to install the lobby ceiling grid, tile, and lights and complete other work at the upper level of the lobby area (see photo at left). With the completion of this work, the temporary work platform around the suspended chapel will be removed this week.









A back hoe digs a footing for a screen post.
Crews continue to dig footings for the electrical yard screen on the north side of the building.

Electrical yard. Work continues on the screen that will surround the electrical yard on the north side of the building. The photo at left shows a back hoe digging footings for additional posts for the screen.










Exterior steps on the north side of the building
A new staircase connects the sidewalk along South 6th Street to the site.

North side stairs. Steps from the sidewalks on north and east sides have been poured. The photo at left shows crews working on the north stairs, along South 6th Street, last week. Digging also continues for the storm water basin on the south side of the building.









Interior view of the mechanical room.
Mechanical equipment installed on the fourth level of the north wing.

Interior work. Crews continue with mechanical, electrical, and sheetrock installation on all levels of the building and in the skyway. The photo at the left shows an interior view of the fourth-floor boiler room, which was substantially completed several weeks ago.