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June 26, 2017: Suspended chapel

Gundale Chapel hangs above the lobby area
A view of the Gundale Chapel suspended over the Hagfors Center lobby area.
Ceiling of the lobby
Crews will install elm wood panels on the ceiling of the lobby beneath the suspended chapel.

Last week, the temporary work platform around the Gundale Chapel was removed. The photos above and to the right now show how the suspended chapel soars over the Hagfors Center lobby.

Construction Site Work

Lobby ceiling. With the removal of the temporary platform around the suspended chapel, the 3-story lobby ceiling is now visible (see photo at right). Crews will install elm wood panels beneath the chapel this week.

Chapel window framing. Crews are also working to install aluminum window framing for the chapel. (See photo below.)

chapel window frames
Crews install window frames on the Gundale Chapel.












Screen fence for the electrical yard
Crews continue work on the screen for the electrical yard on the north side of the site.

Electrical yard. Work continues on the north side of the construction site, where crews are nearing completion of the the screen fence for the electrical yard (see photo at right).

Skyway and rotunda. Crews will be installing metal panels underneath the skyway this week. Surveyors also will visit the site this week to survey the radius of the roundabout area at the intersection of 21st Avenue South and South 7th Street.

Site work. Excavation for the storm water basin on the south side of the building resulted in several large piles of dirt on the construction site (see photo below) — some will be reused on the site, other piles will be recycled.

Dirt piles
Dirt from site digging will be reused or recycled.












Fourth of July holiday. Construction crews will continue work during the week of July 3 – 7, except for the Independence Day holiday. There will be no construction update next week. The next update will be the week of July 10.