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September 11, 2017: Urban arboretum in time for the fall

Significant landscaping, sidewalk, and road work have been finished just in time to welcome the newest class of Auggies! With the reopening of 21st Avenue, students, faculty and staff, and members of the community (and their dogs!) are now able to walk and drive through our newly constructed surroundings and admire the work that’s been accomplished over the summer.

Read more about the specific developments that took place last week and those that will continue this week.

Landscape and roundabout almost complete, September 11, 2017
The landscaping and roundabout are taking shape.

Construction Site Work

September 11, 2017, Porous Pavement
Porous pavement was completed this week in the north parking lot.

Roundabout: Last week, for the first time, the new Hagfors Center roundabout and sidewalks were open to vehicular traffic and pedestrians. McGough is still coordinating additional work in this area with Augsburg and the city, so please be mindful of speed while passing through (photo, above).

Tree planting: Augsburg’s vision to host an urban arboretum is currently being realized with the planting of various species of trees near the entrance and along the east side. This Thursday and Friday, 21st Avenue and 7th Street will be closed to make room for the delivery of a mature State Street Maple that will be planted in the roundabout – and for the gathering centered around this event. The tree-planting ceremony will take place at 5 p.m., following the Nobel Peace Prize Forum’s final plenary session on Friday, September 15. NPPF guests will be led by Campus Ministry, Interfaith Fellows, 4 Dakota Riders and Ojibwe Water Walkers in an interfaith communal blessing.

Finished labs, September 11, 2017
Other than final cleaning, the labs on the first floor are almost ready for our students to conduct experiments.

Landscaping: Additional landscape work will continue to take place as crews lay sod at the beginning of this week in the south and east portions of the site.

Pavement and lighting: Porous pavement has been installed in the north parking lot, and light poles have been erected (photo, right).

Labs: The labs on first floor along the east side of the building are almost complete (photo, right).

Flooring and corridors: Rubber tile flooring in the first floor corridors will be placed this week, while work to complete door installation continues. On the first and second floor, epoxy flooring is being poured in areas requiring a higher level of water resistance (photo, below).

Mechanical: Specialists will begin to test the mechanical heating and cooling equipment this week. This equipment was placed early in the construction phase due to its size and will finally be operationalized in the next few days.

Doors and Corridors, September 11, 2017
Doors have been installed and rubber flooring will be placed in the main corridors.