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September 25, 2017: Watch for new trees, and follow standard roundabout traffic patterns

Caution when driving to and through the roundabout. The new roundabout at the intersection of 21st Avenue South and South 7th Street is a one-way, with all vehicular traffic expected to travel around the circle in a counter clockwise direction. In addition, please remember that South 7th Street is a one-way street, from east to west. Vehicles should not enter South 7th Street from the roundabout, or they will be driving in the incorrect direction. Finally, the roundabout is a no parking zone. Please be sure not to park your vehicles in the intersection or blocking the fire hydrants in the area. Illegally parked vehicles may be subject to ticketing by the City of Minneapolis.

Construction Site Work

Landscaping. The Bur Oak tree pictured below, left is the second largest tree planted on the site. (The largest was the maple tree planted in the center of the roundabout and blessed in an interfaith ceremony as part of the September 15 Nobel Peace Prize Forum events.) The tree is located on the southwest corner of the building and will be blessed as part of Augsburg’s daily chapel service on Thursday, September 28. Additional trees and plantings will be added to the west side of the Hagfors Center site this week. (See photo below, at right.)

Bur Oak planted west of Hagfors Center
This Bur Oak tree is the second largest to be planted on the Hagfors Center site.
Plantings on the west side of Hagfors
Landscaping work continues on the west side of the Hagfors Center.














Other exterior work. This week, handrails will be installed on the exterior staircases on the site. Crews also are finishing the lower portion of the screening on the mechanical area north of the building.This work is contingent on weather conditions.

Skyway. Installation of the ceiling grid, fin tube radiation, and hand rails begins this week in the skyway.

Flex classroom ceiling
Wood panels in the flexible classroom ceiling are beginning to be installed.

Flexible classroom. Crews are installing the wooden ceiling of the flexible classroom space this week (see photo at right), along with electrical, mechanical, lighting and sprinklers.

Other interior work. Work is in various stages of progress on the different floors of the building:

  • Basement – Crews are cleaning up and getting ready for the final review by Augsburg and HGA Architects.
  • First floor – The first floor — except the corridors — is also being prepped for final review.
  • Second floor – Completion of lab casework and installation of rubber tile and epoxy flooring are underway. Doors and hardware installation also is in progress on the second floor.
  • Third floor – Work on the third floor includes rubber and epoxy flooring in the labs, lab casework, and electrical and mechanical finishes.
  • Fourth floor – Lab casework is in progress on the fourth floor. In addition, plumbing, humidification, electrical, and grow lights are being installed in the rooftop greenhouse.

Donor brick wall. Preparations are underway for the wall that will showcase the bricks purchased by donors. The display will be located in the main lobby area of the building, on all three floors. The picture below shows the area on the main level being prepped for the first bricks to be installed.

Wall ready for donor brick installation.
A corner wall in the main lobby area on the first floor of the Hagfors Center is ready for donor bricks to be installed.