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October 2, 2017: Ceilings, walls, and floors

There is a lot going on inside the Hagfors Center this week (see below), but there also will be a bike lane and sidewalk closure this week on 20th Avenue South. McGough Construction has coordinated with the City of Minneapolis to effect this closure in order to complete some curb and sidewalk finishing work, dependent on weather, this week.

Construction Site Work

In the flexible classroom, crews continue installation of the ceiling, including lighting, electrical and mechanical fixtures.

Man in lift installing wood ceiling slats
A crew member installs lights in the flexible classroom area.











In the skyway, lighting, sprinkler and mechanical work is underway in the ceiling. Hand rails will also be going in this week.

Skyway with ceiling installation in progress.
Ceiling and handrail installations are in progress in the skyway











Installation of the donor brick wall continues this week. The photo below shows the progress of the ground-floor wall, near the main lobby area.

Nearly completed wall of donor bricks
The donor brick wall on the ground floor is nearly complete














Progress also continues in the labs. The photo below shows a basement-level lab with casework installed and installation of lab tables in process. The carriers overhead will provide power, data connections, and exhaust for the lab stations.

Lab with lab tables partially installed
Lab tables are begging to be installed in this basement lab area











The building’s air handling systems are also coming online. The photo below shows members of the construction crew commissioning the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for the building.

Crew members using machines to set the HVAC system
Crews setting the HVAC system for the Hagfors Center











Crews also are preparing the corridor floors for the rubber floor covering. The photo below shows the second-floor corridor, near the coffee shop, ready for floor covering installation.

Corridor with machinery
Second-floor corridor floors are being prepped for floor covering installation.