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December 11, 2017: Furniture and art

Movers pushing boxes on dollies through the skyway
Moving teams shuttle boxes through the skyway as faculty and staff continue to move into the Hagfors Center.

The move-in continues this week, with additional Auggie faculty and staff getting settled into their new spaces. Also showing up this week is furniture for the common areas and more art installations. See photos, below!


Upholstered seating with no backs and small round tables
Casual seating and small tables are ready to welcome visitors to the Hagfors Center lobby.
Stools, tables and chairs
A mix of high and low tables and chairs provide a variety of seating options in casual learning spaces.
















[1] RECOVERY РSee image of installed art and video from the artist, below.

Black and white art piece across hallway from cafe tables
RECOVERY triptych. Artist: Ta-coumba Aiken









[2]  Searching for Understanding РTina Tavera

Tina Tavera hangs the third of six pieces of her art installation
Maria (Tina) Cristina Tavera, director of the Augsburg McNair Scholars program, installs here her artwork, “Searching for Meaning.” (Photo courtesy: Tina Tavera)

[3] A Song of Dust – See image of installed art and video from the artist, below.

Five panels of art
Five-piece work, “A Song of Dust,” was created by Stephanie Hunder

[4] In Plain Sight – See image below and watch a video from the artists.

Multiple glass triangles installed in a geometric shape on a wall, with "So not touch" signs taped up all around
Freshly installed art — not yet dry! — by Amy Baur and Brian Boldon.