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December 18, 2017: Finals Week and Final Post

It’s finals week for the fall term 2017, and the inside of the Hagfors Center is as active as the insides of Lindell Library and campus study study spaces. The final work of getting the building ready for full operations. Information Technology installations continue; faculty and staff continue to settle into their spaces. All faculty and staff will have a chance to see the inside of the building this Thursday afternoon, at the annual faculty and staff holiday party — a great way to end the semester!

Following are some of this week’s more visible updates:

Wayfinding and room signs. Installation of room number signs — along with room donor recognition plaques — are in the process of being installed. Wayfinding and directory signs are also part of this project.

Wall sign near entrance to group study area
Room signage near a group study space.
Room sign outside a new lab.
Room sign outside a new lab.










Art installations – Find information about the artists below on the Art and Identity website.

[1] Winter Corn – Norman Holen

Framed art piece on wall
“Winter Corn” by artist: Norman Holen










[2] Mindscape – Joonja Mornes

Three-piece art installation in oranges, pinks and reds, on a wall
“Mindscape” by artist Joonja Mornes










[3] Tessellated Transistors – Kimberlee Joy Roth

Ceramic art installation on a wall in a group study area
“Tessellated Transistors” by artist Kimberlee Joy Roth












Much work is still underway, including the two art installations below. If you don’t have the opportunity to see the building this week, it opens for classes on Monday, January 8, and all are welcome to visit!

Scaffolding with colorful glass sculpture waiting for installation
The chapel glass sculpture by artist Bebe Keith will hang from the Gundale Chapel ceiling.
Four people work to ready a large art piece, resting on a table, for wall installation
Augsburg Art Instructor Stephen Geffre incorporated into this art piece elm wood recovered from one of the trees removed from the quad due to Dutch Elm disease. The piece is aptly named, “Quad Elm Tree.”

December 11, 2017: Furniture and art

Movers pushing boxes on dollies through the skyway
Moving teams shuttle boxes through the skyway as faculty and staff continue to move into the Hagfors Center.

The move-in continues this week, with additional Auggie faculty and staff getting settled into their new spaces. Also showing up this week is furniture for the common areas and more art installations. See photos, below!


Upholstered seating with no backs and small round tables
Casual seating and small tables are ready to welcome visitors to the Hagfors Center lobby.
Stools, tables and chairs
A mix of high and low tables and chairs provide a variety of seating options in casual learning spaces.
















[1] RECOVERY – See image of installed art and video from the artist, below.

Black and white art piece across hallway from cafe tables
RECOVERY triptych. Artist: Ta-coumba Aiken









[2]  Searching for Understanding – Tina Tavera

Tina Tavera hangs the third of six pieces of her art installation
Maria (Tina) Cristina Tavera, director of the Augsburg McNair Scholars program, installs here her artwork, “Searching for Meaning.” (Photo courtesy: Tina Tavera)

[3] A Song of Dust – See image of installed art and video from the artist, below.

Five panels of art
Five-piece work, “A Song of Dust,” was created by Stephanie Hunder

[4] In Plain Sight – See image below and watch a video from the artists.

Multiple glass triangles installed in a geometric shape on a wall, with "So not touch" signs taped up all around
Freshly installed art — not yet dry! — by Amy Baur and Brian Boldon.

December 4, 2017: Moving in!

Man and woman wearing Norwegian sweaters in front of wall of donor names
Mike ’71 and Ann Good tour the Hagfors Center during Velkommen Jul. Mike’s leadership as campaign chair was key to our success in funding the Hagfors Center.

This week, the first set of offices are scheduled for moving into the Hagfors Center. (The second set is next week.) Below are highlights of additional installations this past week:

Flexible classroom doors. Crews have begun to install the operable doors on the flexible classroom adjacent to the main lobby. The doors allow the space to be closed off for class sessions or opened up to allow open traffic flow between the lobby and the flexible space.

Doors closed along main wall of flexible classroom
The operable doors allow the flexible classroom space to be closed off for class r meetings, or open for events.

Art installations. Two more art installations were completed last week. See images of the art installations below and information about the artists, below. For more details about the Hagfors Center art projects, see the Art & Identity web site.


[1] Tapestry. This piece, installed in the Psychology Department is by Lynn Bollman ’67, a local artist/printmaker who has taught art for all of his professional career – at Augsburg and at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Bollman has received local, national, and international recognition for his art, and he continues to develop his art as a co-op member at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis. He works primarily with the technique of relief printmaking and has particular interest in pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a print.

Image of multi-material art piece
Lynn Bollman ’67
Relief​ ​printing​ ​with​ ​oil-based​ ​ink​ ​on​ ​Tyvek,​ ​woven​ ​and​ ​strengthened​ ​with​ ​breaded​ ​fish line,​ ​printed​ ​with​ ​stencils,​ ​laser​ ​cut​ ​relief​ ​matrix,​ ​and​ ​rubber​ ​stamps
Reissenweber in front of Tapestry art piece
Sincere thanks to Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer Beth Reissenweber for sponsoring this new art work!

[2] Observation. See artwork and video about the artist, below.

Painting of greenery and words
Close up of art by Tiit Raid
Casual learning area with benches and installed painting
The Observation art work is installed between the Religion and Mathematics and Statistics departments.

November 27, 2017: No parking in the roundabout

No parking in roundabout
Parking is not permitted in the roundabout. Vehicles parked there will be ticketed and towed.

No parking in roundabout. The Department of Public Safety has communicated that the roundabout outside of the Hagfors Center is a no parking zone. No vehicles may park in the roundabout or crosswalk areas at 21st Avenue South and South 7th Street. Avoid tickets (and towing) by not parking your vehicle in this intersection.

Coffee shop. The operable doors on the Hagfors Center coffee shop were installed last week. The photo below shows the work in progress.

Crew member prepares a door panel for hanging
Crews install the operable doors on the Hagfors Center coffee shop.










Art installations. Two art installations were completed last week. See images of the art installations below and videos about each of the artists. For more information about the Hagfors Center art projects, see the Art & Identity web site.


[1] Six Minnesota Wildflowers to Meet and Know by Amy Rice

Art installation with some pieces hanging, others on the floor ready to be installed
Amy Rice’s art installation in progress.
Amy Rice next to her fully installed art
Six Minnesota Wildflowers to Meet and Know by Amy Rice


[2] Mississippi River Quartet by Mary Lingen

Four-piece art installation showing a river scene in each season
Mississippi River Quartet by Mary Lingen shows a river scene in each of four seasons.
Painting of river scene in autumn
Close up image of one of the panels from Mary Lingen’s Mississippi River Quartet




November 20, 2017: Art, Gardens, and Thanksgiving

Jet contrails form an A above the Hagfors Center
Airplane contrails form an “A” in the sky above Hagfors Center. (Photo: Crystal Comer, registrar)

As we enter Thanksgiving week, multiple projects are underway in the Hagfors Center to prepare the facility for move-in next month and opening for classes on January 8. Furniture installations are underway on the second and third floors this week. Lab equipment installations also continue this week.

Art installations. Installation of the three-story mural is underway in the west stairwell. (See photo below.) Learn more about the mural project in this video featuring artist Greta McLain and in this story about the members of Augsburg Women Engaged who funded the project. Additional art installations are also scheduled this week. Watch future updates for photos.

Colorful mural with scaffolding in front
First day of mural installation in the west stairwell. (Photo: GoodSpace Murals.)

Community garden. In-ground concrete beams will support new garden beds in the community garden. Both raised and on-grade garden beds will be anchored on these beams. See photo below for an image of the progress early last week. Read more about the enhancements to the community garden on the Environmental Stewardship Committee blog.

Construction crew members walk around low, rectangular wooden forms in the community garden area
Crews prepare the community garden west of the Hagfors Center for installation of new garden beds. (Photo: Heather Riddle, vice president for Institutional Advancement.)

Skyway. The wall blocking the Hagfors Center skyway from the second level of Lindell Library has been removed, offering a glimpse into Augsburg’s newest skyway. Access to the skyway from the library will be opened after the holiday break.


November 13, 2017: Occupancy

Stu Anderson in safety vest and hard hat standing in new office
Stu Anderson, associate professor and chair of the Physics Department, stands in his new office in the Hagfors Center

Last week, the Hagfors Center received the official certificate of occupancy, meaning that Augsburg now will take control of the building. There are a number of projects to complete within the building — including Installation of furniture, art, signage and information technology — before the campus has general access to the building and spring-term classes begin January 8, 2018. One of those projects is the installation of the multi-story murals in the stairwells. Work on that project will begin in the west stairwell later this week.

Following are additional photos and updates for the week of November 13:

Lobby. The protective plywood covering has been removed from the lobby, showcasing the terrazzo floor design in the space. Crews are installing the final elm wood window sills and will install the operable doors on the flexible classroom space in the next several weeks. See the photos below for a current glimpse of the lobby.

Lobby area
A view of the lobby from the ground floor, with the flexible classroom straight ahead and the glass donor wall to the right.
Lobby view from third floor
A view of the lobby from the third-floor overlook, showing the terrazzo floor and a couple of elm wood window sills ready for installation.















Furniture. Furniture deliveries and installation continue this week. The photo below shows an office with furniture partially installed.

Office with desk and shelves
Office furniture installation is underway.











Chapel doors. The door handles for the Gundale Chapel were custom made by Augsburg Facilities Director Dennis Stuckey. The project used wood reclaimed from the elm tree that stood just north of Anderson Residence Hall before it succumbed to Dutch Elm disease in the summer of 2016. The photo below shows the elm wood handles installed on one of the chapel doors.

Glass door with wooden dowel handles
The elm wood handles for the Gundale Chapel doors were made by Augsburg Facilities Director Dennis Stuckey.















Community garden. The community garden area north and west of the building has been graded, and this week, McGough construction will pour concrete beams in the ground, which will support new garden beds (see photo below). Plans call for a combination of raised beds and on-grade beds in the community garden. Additional sidewalks will also be poured on the south and east sides of the garden area. Timing of that work will be determined after the garden beds are anchored on the site.

Rectangle raised garden bed
Raised garden beds are being fabricated off site and will be installed in the community garden in time for spring planting.


November 6, 2017: Walls, floors, equipment

Text of donor names etched in window
The names of Hagfors Center donors are etched in a first-floor classroom window
Carpeted wall covering installation
Crews install carpet wall covering in the corridor seating areas.

McGough Construction crews continue to prepare for inspections and final walkthroughs of the Hagfors Center. Last week, windows etched with donor names were installed in a first-floor classroom off the main lobby. (See photo above.) Other construction site work this week includes the following:

  • Wall coverings in corridor seating areas. Crews are installing carpeted wall coverings above the built in benches in corridor seating areas. (See photo at right.)
  • Floors and sills. The installation of elm wood window sills continues this week. Crews are also installing flooring in the flexible classroom and base trim around the edges of the floor. In the main lobby, the plywood that has been protecting the terrazzo floor will be removed this week.
  • Mechanical air (HVAC) systems. Crews will continue air pressure balancing of the air systems in the building this week.
  • Signage. Regulatory codes require certain building signage to be installed before Augsburg can take possession of the building. These include stairwell signs, as shown in the photo below, at left.
  • Coffee shop operable wall. When the Hagfors Center coffee shop is not open for business, it will be enclosed by a wooden wall. The photo below at right shows the operable wall, folded into the open position to the left of the coffee shop. The skyway connection to Lindell Library is off to the right.
Stairwell sign
Wayfinding signage has begun to be installed in the building’s stairwells.
Coffee shop near skyway
An operable wood wall, shown here in the open, folded position, will close off the coffee shop when it is not open for business.












  • Grow tables and equipment. Along with additional furniture deliveries, equipment is being installed in the Hagfors center this week — including a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, sterilizers, glass washers, and grow tables. Below, at left, are the grow tables in the grow room. At right are the grow tables in the rooftop green house.
Grow tables under grow room lights
Grow tables have been installed in the Grow Room.
Grow tables in the rooftop greenhouse
The rooftop and Minneapolis skyline are visible beyond the grow tables in the fourth-floor greenhouse.

October 30, 2017: Furniture and final finishings

Hagfors Center and snow flurries
The first snow flurries of the season fall on Hagfors Center site.

Construction Site Work

Elm window sill
The window sill in the flexible classroom is made from elm wood reclaimed from a tree that had been located north of Anderson Residence Hall before it was removed due to Dutch Elm disease.

The first snow flurries of 2017 fell last week (see photo above) as construction crews prepare for final walkthroughs and inspections in the Hagfors Center, which are expected to occur over the next couple of weeks.

  • Flexible classroom finishes. Inside the flexible classroom, crews have installed an elm wood window sill (see photo at right) using wood reclaimed from the elm tree that stood just north of Anderson Residence Hall before it succumbed to Dutch Elm disease in the summer of 2016. The window sill was glued together in one, single piece, and then installed in the space. The reclaimed elm wood will also be used for the window sills in the main lobby, which crews are installing this week.
  • Flooring. Installation of rubber tile flooring is underway in the fourth-floor corridors and labs.
  • Furniture. Office furniture deliveries and installation will begin this week. These deliveries may involve large truck traffic to the site.
  • Crew members installing carpet
    Crews completed carpet installation in the skyway last week.

    Skyway carpeting. Carpet installation in the skyway has been completed. The photo below, at right, shows crews in the process of laying the carpet last week.

  • Grow room lights. Light bulbs have been installed in the grow room. (See photo, below, at left.) When illuminated, the lights shine as bright as the lights of a tanning booth.
Grow room lights, illuminated
Light bulbs have been installed in the grow room.











October 23, 2017: Exterior walkway and interior walkthroughs

Sidewalk from 20th Avenue South into campus
With the construction fence removed, the sidewalk from 20th Avenue South provides a path from the west edge of campus to the entrance to the quad.

Construction Site Work

  • East-west walkway. The construction fence has been removed from the Hagfors site, and people are welcome to walk along the new sidewalks that provide an east-west connection to 20th Avenue South (see photo above). Final landscaping and other site work is still underway, so pedestrians are asked to remain on the sidewalks as they traverse through the site.
  • Final walkthroughs and inspections. While crews finish up some final mechanical and electrical work in the fourth-floor labs, McGough Construction continues with final inspections and walkthroughs. The second-floor walkthrough was completed last week, and the third floor is scheduled for this week.
  • Green roof canopy. The green roof has been installed on the canopy above the main entrance (see photo below).
Green roof on canopy over the main entrance.
The canopy over the main entrance to the Hagfors Center now sports a green roof.












  • Skyway and coffee shop. The doors between the skyway and the Hagfors Center have been installed (see photo below, at left). Also installed is the equipment for the coffee shop, which is just inside the building from the skyway (see photo below, at right).
Skyway interior facing the doors to the Hagfors Center
An interior view of the skyway, facing the doors to the Hagfors Center.
Corner coffee shop with counter and equipment
The second-level coffee shop counter and equipment are in place.












  • Flooring. Rubber flooring is in the process of being installed on multiple levels of the building, including the lobby overlook areas (see photo of the third-floor lobby overlook, near the Gundale Chapel entrance, below at left). Epoxy flooring installation is underway in the lower level mechanical room (see photo below, at right).
New floor in upper-level lobby overlook area
Rubber flooring is being installed in corridors throughout the building, including the lobby overlook areas.
Mechanical room with newly installed flooring
The lower level mechanical room flooring installation is in progress.

October 16, 2017: A look at the labs

Chemistry lab hoods
A view of the fully installed hoods in a chemistry lab.

Construction Site Work

  • Cabinets for flammable materials
    The flammable materials storage area is substantially complete.

    Lab work. Installation of stainless steel countertops is underway in the labs but with only weeks to go on the Hagfors Center construction project, many areas of the building are beginning to look complete. The photo above shows a completed chemistry lab; at right is a photo of the storage room for flammable lab supplies.

  • Mechanical and fire alarm systems. Commissioning of the mechanical systems and testing of the fire alarm system are in progress as we quickly approach occupancy of the building.
  • Flooring. Crews are working on the epoxy flooring in the mechanical room this week, having completed the work in the grow rooms. Work on the first-floor corridor flooring also is underway this week.
  • A crew member cleans a window
    Window cleaning is part of the preparation for final walkthroughs.

    Shades and final walkthrough on second floor. Crews are installing shades and doing final clean-up on the second floor this week in preparation for the final walkthrough of the second-floor labs, classrooms, and offices. The photo at right shows a crew member cleaning the windows as part of the final preparation work.

  • Skyway. Crews will be finishing installation of lighting and mechanical systems in the skyway this week.
  • Coffee shop. Equipment and counter installation is scheduled for the second-floor coffee shop this week.
  • Third floor plumbing and clean up. Bathroom plumbing installation continues on the third floor this week, and final cleaning begins on that level.
  • Exterior. The final sidewalk on the west side of the building (see photo below) and the final plantings will be completed this week, weather permitting.
Sidewalk on west side of the site
The final section of sidewalk on the west side of the building is ready to be poured.