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Inclusivity in Contracting

Augsburg University is a leading member of the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership—Augsburg President Paul Pribbenow currently serves as chair of the organization. In 2014, the group passed an Economic Inclusion Policy for Capital Projects calling for members engaged in construction projects of greater than $250,000 to strive to use businesses based in the ZIP codes surrounding the central corridor, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses for a minimum of 10 percent of total construction costs.

The Norman and Evangeline Hagfors Center for Science, Business, and Religion is the first large-scale construction project undertaken by a member to incorporate this goal. Karin McCabe, director of outreach for McGough Construction, the general contractor on the Hagfors Center project, is leading the effort to meet (and potentially exceed) the 10 percent target. Steve Peacock, Augsburg’s director of community relations, and staff from the Central Corridor Anchor Partnership have worked to connect McGough with businesses in the corridor.

Local, minority-owned and women-owned construction businesses can contact Karin McCabe at 651-634-4615 or for information about McGough’s pre-qualification process for sub-contractors.