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Class of 1969 50-Year Reunion
Committee: Sue (Halvorson) Bjerkestrand, Lois (Peterson) Bollman, Pam (Bjorklund) Carlson, Wayne Carlson, Lynn (Benson) Hjelmeland, Jackie (Kniefel) Lind, Sandra (Larson) Olmsted, Jim Roste, Dick Sandeen, Peter Strommen, Larry Turner

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Class of 1979 40-Year Reunion
Committee: Eric Anderson, Kevin Bonderud, Sally Daniels Herron, Jeff Swenson, Scott Weber


Class of 2009 10-Year Reunion
Committee: Irene Abdullah, Mike Cunningham, Agnes (Kigwana) Guelig, Kevin (Khottavongsa) Flicek, Shonna Fulford, Kristin (Daniels) Overton, Cody Tresselt-Warren,

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