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Honors Council Faculty

Stacy Freiheit<Stacy Freiheit Image>

Associate Professor of Psychology
Interim Honors Program Director

Ph.D. — Case Western Reserve University

Stacy is interested in the dynamic interplay between science and clinical practice, Stacy’s primary research focus is the examination of evidence-based practice among mental health care practitioners. She also conducts research that examines the relationship between religious coping and mood. Through one-on-one research advising with students, Stacy shares her enthusiasm for research and helps students develop skills that will help them succeed in the future. She is a recipient of Augsburg’s Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Learning Award.

Stacy Freiheit faculty page

Robert Groven<Robert Groven Image>

Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Honors Director Emeritus

J.D. — University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Bob coached competitive speech and debate for over 25 years at both the college and high school levels and served as the director of forensics and the director of the oral communication skills program for over 10 years. He is the recipient of a number of teaching awards, including the University of Minnesota Rhetoric Department Excellence in Teaching Award (twice); Concordia College Debate Institute Teaching Award (five times); and the Minnesota Debate Teachers Association Coach of the Year. He directed the Honors Program for 11 years.

Robert Groven faculty page

Jayoung KooJayoung Koo Image

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Honors Adviser to Hesser House

Ph.D. – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Jayoung Koo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Augsburg. She teaches various marketing courses including Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, and Principles of Marketing. Her research interests include consumer happiness and social media, luxury brand consumption, and green marketing. Before her Ph.D. in Consumer Studies, she studied Psychology and worked as an Associate Consultant at BCG (The Boston Consulting Group).

Merilee Klemp<Merilee Klemp Image>

Associate Professor of Music
Honors Adviser to Griffin House

D.M.A. — Eastman School of Music

Merilee’s performances range from commercial recordings with Mariah Carey, Elton John, and Janet Jackson to Broadway shows to “classical” music concerts, and CDs. She challenges her students to test their wings, taking what they learn on campus into the larger community. Their scholarship informs their performances and their performances inform future paths of study. For Merilee, music history and theory are not abstractions removed from the experience of music-making; they are practical tools, informing one’s performances in unexpected ways.

Merilee Klemp faculty page

Michael Wentzel<Michael Wentzel Image>

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Honors Adviser to Crockett House

Ph.D. — University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Michael’s research involves exploring applications at the interface of chemistry and biology, and working collaboratively, both nationally and internationally, on organic chemistry projects. He has developed an interactive approach to teaching organic chemistry with the use of peer-led interactive discussion groups. He mentors undergraduate majors in preparation for graduate school and professional schools in both a laboratory and classroom setting.

Michael Wentzel faculty page

Henry Yoon<Henry Yoon Image>

Associate Professor of Psychology
Honors Adviser to Crockett House

Ph.D. — University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Henry’s teaching philosophy and agenda are shaped by a focus on interdisciplinary research, as he aims to help students think “psychologically.” For Henry, thinking psychologically involves a problem-solving approach that uses multi-disciplinary strategies to tackle complex questions. He hopes to help students become better lifetime consumers of scientific information, as well as those who plan on pursuing advanced degrees in psychology.

Henry Yoon faculty page

Maheen Zaman<Maheen Zaman Image>

Assistant Professor of History
Honors Adviser to Griffin House

Ph.D. — Columbia University

Maheen was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and spent the first decade of his life there and in Tripoli, Libya. In the aftermath of the first Persian Gulf War he immigrated with his family to Queens, New York. These early dislocations inspired his intellectual vocation in global history. An impulse to make the “strange familiar and the familiar strange,” finds expression in all of Maheen’s classes. Maheen’s teaching style and content reflect his interdisciplinary training and international travels in search of knowledge and the wondrous.

Maheen Zaman faculty page / Maheen Zaman Curriculum vitae

Ex Officio Members

Larry Crockett<Larry Crockett Image>

Professor of Computer Science
Honors Director Emeritus

Ph.D. — University of Minnesota

Larry’s Ph.D. program was split between philosophy of science and computer science. Since joining the Augsburg faculty in 1985, he has worked across disciplines, getting to know many fine students. Additionally, he has a Master of Divinity degree and has served an Episcopal parish part-time for ten years. When he tells people he teach computer science, philosophy and religion, it usually produces a pained facial expression, then, after a moment, an uncertain laugh, and finally an engaging conversation about artificial boundaries. Larry directed the honors Program for 14 years.

Larry Crockett faculty page

Paul Pribbenow<The Pribbenator Image>

President of Augsburg University
Honors Adviser-at-Large

Ph.D. — University of Chicago

Paul Pribbenow, the 10th president of Augsburg University is recognized as one of the country’s most engaging commentators and teachers on ethics, philanthropy, and American public life. He is the author of numerous articles on philanthropy, ethics, and not-for-profit management, and publishes a bimonthly email newsletter titled, “Notes for the Reflective Practitioner.” He regularly teaches the Honors Senior Seminar, which focuses on the role of cities in determining vocation, and includes a visit to Chicago.

President Paul Pribbenow’s website

Dixie Shafer<Dixie Shafer Image>

Director, Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunities (URGO)
Honors Adviser-at-Large

Ph.D. — University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

URGO website