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Student House Presidents

Grant Berg – Hesser House PresidentGrant Berg

Grant Berg is a Sophomore at Augsburg and residing Pretty Boy of the Honors Program. Grant has a lifelong love for politics and history, and majoring in both Political Science and History with a minor in Communication studies. After graduation Grant would like to pursue a career in the Marine Corps as a Judge Advocate. As an LGBT student, Grant is constantly looking to make the Honors program an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students of any gender identity or sexuality. Grant is a former Orientation Leader, a Students for Racial Justice member, Amy Klobuchar for Minnesota Intern, Mrs. USA pageant winner, and Bird LoverTM . In his free time (which is minimal) Grant enjoys cooking, sleeping, petting Ginger (his dog), yelling in his sleep, and yelling to Jenny Bostan and the other House presidents about things that they don’t have the time, or energy to care about.

Jenny Bostan – Crockett House PresidentJenny Bostan

Jenny is fourth year at Augsburg University majoring in International Business, Management Information Systems, and Management with minors in Spanish and Business Analytics. When she is not working at the honors desk or mustering up ideas for the honors program, she spends her time working at her IT job, researching with the Business Department, posting the greatest snapchat stories, and conversing with other students on campus about anything and everything. On the weekends, Jenny spends all of her time at home with her family and her adorable dog. Many students have said that Jenny loves her dog more than most human beings, and they’re definitely not wrong about that!

Winston Heckt – Griffin House PresidentWinston Heckt

Winston is a third year at Augsburg double majoring in Film and Communications Studies. He is an RA in Mortensen, a Staff Writer for the Echo, and co-chair of Augsburg’s Film Club. In any spare time he has left from all those roles, Winston enjoys watching and making movies, reading, and biking around Minneapolis.

Olivia House – Hesser House PresidentOlivia House

This is Olivia’s second year at Augsburg, and she is majoring in Graphic Design and Business Economics with a minor in Marketing, in hopes to pursue a career in Advertising as an Executive Creative Director, and one day run her own agency. She plays on the Augsburg’s women’s soccer team, is a founding member of Bauhaus Design club, a member of Students for Racial Justice, works in the Art Department, and is a freelance graphic designer. She has a deep passion for social justice and activism, and works to carry it out in her art. When she’s not on the pitch, working, or in a club meeting, Olivia enjoys reading, writing and listening to music, creating some form of art, and making hilarious and obscure photoshop collages.

Andrew Jewell – Griffin House PresidentAndrew Jewell

Andrew is a fourth year studying Computer Science and Mathematics. He fell in love with the Honors Program at Augsburg after being told that he looked just like then-director Bob Groven on his first visit to the school and hasn’t looked back since. When he’s not doing something for Honors, Andrew can also be found attending various other student groups including Queer Pride Alliance and Students for Racial Justice. In his free time, Andrew enjoys watching movies (especially animation!), running or biking through Minneapolis, and exploring the wilds of the internet late at night.

John Kipper – Crockett House PresidentJohn Kipper

John is a second year student, majoring in communicative arts/literature. Currently, he writes for The Echo and works at North Community High School. Interests include public interest law, academic policy, and the Minnesota Wild.

Brianna Luetkahans – Pike House PresidentBrianna Luetkahans

Bri is a third year at Augsburg University pursuing an International Relations major and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. What Bri enjoys most about the honors program and Augsburg is the close-knit community. In her free-time when she isn’t working Bri likes to crochet, bake, watch horror movies, and spend time with her dogs.

Sadie Paulsen – Pike House PresidentSadie Paulsen

Sadie is a second-year student here at Augsburg. She is majoring in International Business and minoring in Spanish and Business Administration. She openly admits her love for band and is a co-leader of the Augsburg Pep Band. When she is not hunkered down in a practice room or giving mediocre tours of Augsburg, Sadie enjoys trying her hand at baking and showing people pictures of her beloved pets.