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Ways to Engage


Our Human Rights Foundation speakers are asking for your support. Please see below for ways in which you can make a difference and support their human rights efforts.

Leyla Hussein

Leyla encourages students to visit and join the movement. The website needs traffic; viewers, comments, whatever gets the word out! Add hashtags and follow Leyla on Twitter @LeylaHussein.

Tutul Chowdhury

Tutul is seeking writers and creatives for his online magazine Shuddhashar to write about human rights (in general or specifics). It is unpaid but a great opportunity to engage with the wider human rights movement and community. Interested students can contact him directly Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury ( and be sure to mention their participation at the Human Rights Forum.

Evgeniya Chirikova

Evgeniya needs help translating and disseminating information. It does not just need to be Russian students (although that’s helpful!).  The portal is, an online resource for Russian activists to share information and ideas. Translating pieces into english, and/or sharing pieces through new mediums and platforms will help spread the message of individual Russian activists and larger movements. She also encourages everyone to join the freedom for Yan Sidorov and Vlad Mordasov movement, as mentioned in her main stage talk. #freerostovthree

Asma Khalifa

Asma’s request is simple – talk about Libya. It is a country and conflict that is often under wraps or relegated to the sidelines. Asma’s personal hope is to bring forward the nation and conflict to dinner table discussions. Do your research and start a conversation with friends, family, and peers about what’s happening in Libya. Do not let the nation and her hurt fade into the background. Follow Asma on Twitter @AsmaKhalifaLY.

Jerry Sesanga

Jerry encourages everyone to follow the Ullywood movement: and his Ullywood Facebook Page. Anyone interested in collaborating on art, film, or getting more involved in Jerry’s movement can contact him directly ( and mention they saw him at the Human Rights Forum. Follow Jerry on Twitter @Sesangajerry.