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Classic format

For nearly 30 years, our classic classroom format has featured a flexible choice model that allows students to select courses that focus on individual goals, interests, and learning style. Students can also determine the pace at which they move through the program. This format offers numerous electives and allows for individualized studies. Some online work is incorporated into this format.


During fall and spring semesters, classes usually meet every other Saturday morning or afternoon for four hours. Additional instruction time is provided online. Seven Saturday sessions are included in one semester. Some select classes meet on Monday evenings. Students can take a combination of Saturday and Monday courses.

A sample class schedule in the classic classroom format:

Period I                Saturday             8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Period II               Saturday             1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Period III             Weeknights       6:00 pm to 9:45 pm

Note: Each class taken commits a student to Period I, Period II, or Period III, an average of two meetings a month. A few courses are taught on an immersion model, which features fewer but longer sessions.

The MAL program also offers summer semester courses in seven-week, fourteen-week, or special immersion formats. Most summer semester courses meet on weeknights from 6:00 pm to 9:45 pm rather than on Saturdays.


Four core courses:

ML 505 – Foundations of Leadership

ML 514 – Evaluating Empirical Research

ML 580 – Colloquium on Contemporary Theories of Leadership

ML 585 – Integrating the Theory and Practice of Responsible Leadership (Capstone Course)

Seven electives, selected from more than 20 offerings*

*Students may petition the program to do a thesis in place of two of the elective courses. Students who do the thesis are required to develop and carry out an in-depth study of some aspect of leadership or of a leadership-related topic and register for ML 592 Thesis Consultation I and ML 593 Thesis Consultation II. Students electing to write a thesis are still required to take ML 585 to complete the program.

Elective courses for the Classic Classroom format

The MAL program requires that seven elective courses be selected from the following course list. All courses are 3 semester credits:

ML 510 – Visions of Leadership

ML 511 – Creativity and the Problem-Solving Process

ML 520 – Self-Identity and Values: Keys to Authentic Leadership

ML 527 – Spirituality and Leadership in the Workplace

ML 530 – Ethics in Communication

ML 531 – The Dynamics of Change

ML 535 – Organization Theory and Leadership

ML 536 – Facilitating Organizational Change

ML 538 – Communication Skills for Leadership

ML 539 – Communicating a Self in the Modern Organization

ML 540 – Political Leadership: Theory and Practice

ML 545 – Decision Making and Leadership

ML 548 – Coaching and Consulting

ML 550 – Communication, Decision Making, and Technology

ML 553 – Design and Leadership

ML 557 – Language of Leadership

ML 560 – Cultural Competence and Effective Leadership

ML 563 – Leadership in a Global Society

ML 565 – Women and Leadership

ML 570 – Negotiation: Theory and Practice

ML 574 – Strategic Leadership

ML 575 – Constructive Conflict Resolution

ML 576 – Leading Innovation

ML 577 – Universal Responsibility and Leadership: A Nicaraguan Experience

ML 598 – Independent Study

ML 599 – Topics