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Transformational Leadership Track


The Transformational Nursing Leadership track is designed to develop nurse leaders’ ability to critically analyze, articulate, and develop effective strategies to cope with high level health care disparities.

Curricular emphasis is on interprofessional collaboration across care settings. Participation in nursing leadership practica in traditional and emerging care settings adds depth and meaning to classroom dialogue. Practica also provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge and gain experience partnering with diverse care providers, populations, and communities to address health inequities in creative and relevant ways.

Students in the leadership nursing program will take a total of 33 semester credit hours — eight 3-semester credit hour courses + 9 semester credits of practica equal to 405 ‘clock’ hours of practice. Four courses and the related practica make up the Advanced Nursing Core that all Master of Arts in Nursing students must take, with the remaining four courses and practica focused on transformational nursing leadership content and skill development.

Students graduating from the Transformational Leadership Track are eligible to apply for certification as Advanced Nurse Executives through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), providing they meet the additional requirements of time in a nurse executive position.

To view courses in the Transformational Leadership Track, go to the MAN Catalog Information page.