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McNair Summer Research

The McNair Scholars Program helps students reach their graduate school goals by offering a unique research experience during their undergraduate degree. Participating students spend an average of 400 hours exploring their topics, developing a thesis, collecting and reviewing data, and preparing a formal presentation of their findings. Research provides the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship by working one-on-one with a faculty member; gaining extensive skills and knowledge in a discipline; exposure to methodological techniques; writing and public speaking practice by submitting papers to professional conferences and journals; and attaining strong letters of recommendation.

2020 McNair Summer Researchers

Man in a blue blazer with his hands in his pockets
Mohamed Ayanle
Dr. Abby Hughes-Scalise

Immigrant Status and Healthcare Utilization of Somali Population in Central Minnesota


Woman in a blue hooded jacket leaning against a post
Kay Carvajal Moran
Dr. Michael Lansing

Oral Histories of Mexican Migrant Labor in Minnesota During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Woman in a red floral print dress on the street in front of stores
Carleigh Drill
Dr. Matthew Beckman

Manganese Induced Cell Death of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells


Woman in a white top seated in a restaurant with a floral wreath on the wall next to her
Odalys Lozado
Dr. Alex Ajayi

Examining the Effects of Racial Socialization on Ethnic-Racial Identity and Racial Attitudes


Woman in a blue and black top in front of trees and a brick ledge
Kelly Lu
Dr. Vivian Feng

DNA adductomic analysis of gill cells and B.subtilis upon timed exposure to LiCoO2 nanoparticles


Man in glasses in front of a window
Killian Macias
Dr. Ralph Butkowski

Metal ions and fibrin polymerization in blood clotting


Woman in a striped shirt and a red scarf in front of window in the evening
Gabriela Ortiz-Riera
Dr. Sarah Combellick-Bidney

The Future of Immigration Discourse in the US: Young Activists’ Interventions in a Charged Political Landscape


Woman in a white turtleneck in front of an apple tree
Mackenzie Ray
Dr. Matthew Haines

3D Perspective Modeling of a 4D Hypercube


Woman in a green hooded sweatshirt on a rooftop with office buildings and skyscrapers in the background
Soria Sarwary
Dr. Michael Wentzel

Sustainable and stable dental polymers


Woman in traditional Hmong dress in front of a silver backdrop
Chenyeng Vang
Dr. Pavel Bělík

Classifying Free-Hand Drawings Using Neural Networks


Man in glasses, a black shirt and backback in front of a brick wall
Kong Yang
Dr. Moumita Dasgupta

Impact of Spatial Arrangements of Passive Obstacles on First Passage Time of an Active System