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Augsburg’s Master of Music Therapy

Vision and mission of the MMT program

To prepare students to be leaders in the field, while fostering their passion to serve clients and families, and offer unique learning experiences that allow them to discover and realize their full potential.

To engage students in life changing experiences, rich in experiential learning, collaborative in nature, fostering a holistic view of the use of music in health, healing and wellbeing.

To advance the practice of music therapy by preparing students through a hybrid master’s degree program that is innovative, flexible and possesses breadth and depth, designed to meet the changing demands of healthcare.


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The program offers two points of entry:

  • Master of Music Therapy is for students who are currently board certified music therapists seeking graduate level coursework (September Start).
  • Equivalency Plus MMT is a program for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in music but not in music therapy. In the Equivalency Plus MMT program, students complete their music therapy equivalency courses in a summer intensive (May start) prior to beginning their graduate music therapy coursework (September start).
    • Other prerequisite courses can be completed either before or during the program, but they must be completed before students begin their six month internship.
    • Throughout the program, students are assigned to practicum sites in their community. In their practicum, students are supervised by a board certified music therapist throughout the semester. Students complete 3-4 practicum hours at their sites each week. The practicum provides opportunities to observe music therapy sessions, to co-facilitate sessions with supervisors, and begin to facilitate music therapy sessions under supervision.
    • Once a student’s coursework and practicum hours are completed they are eligible for their six month internship. Each student’s faculty advisor works with them to determine appropriate clinical sites for the student to apply for internship.

Hybrid Program – On Campus and Online

The Augsburg MMT and Equivalency Plus MMT tracks utilize a hybrid model, combining online and on-campus intensive learning. Each semester, students come to campus for an intensive session that lasts for about one week.

Throughout the rest of the semester, students complete coursework online as well as in-person clinical practicums in their area. MMT students are able to fulfill their practicum hours in their current music therapy practice, while Equivalency Plus MMT students are paired with practicum sites by their advisor. This hybrid format allows students to maintain employment while continuing their education.

Clinical Work and Research Opportunities

Opportunities for clinical work and research in a variety of major health care organizations such as: University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Park Nicollet Struthers Parkinson’s Center, Melrose Institute and Fraser School. Set up in an urban and metropolitan community.