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Programming and Services

Advising, Advocacy & Support

LGBTQIA+ Student Services offers advising, advocacy, and support for all LGBTQIA+ and allied students at Augsburg, including help on academics, questions around gender and sexual identity, personal and social life, bias and discrimination reporting, and advocating on a student’s behalf around changing policies, practices, or procedures at the University.


Educational workshops and trainings are available for all students, staff, and faculty at Augsburg University.  These workshops are a great way to learn about the LGBTQIA+ community and an opportunity to ask questions.  They covers topics such as LGBTQIA+ history and culture, myths and stereotypes, privilege, allyship, confronting LGBTQIA+ bias, recognizing and dismantling LGBTQIA+ oppression, and more.  Workshops are offered and advertised to the entire campus each semester, and customized trainings are available to departments, offices, and student organizations by request.

Lavender Celebration & Awards Ceremony

Lavender Celebration & Awards Ceremony honors outstanding LGBTQIA+ and ally-identified student leaders at Augsburg University.  The winners of the Karen Neitge Scholarship, LGBTQIA+ Student Services Scholarship, and LGBTQIA+ Student Leadership Awards are recognized at this event.

Nominations are now open for Lavender Celebration scholarships & awards, submit today!

Participants of the LGBTQIA Student Leadership RetreatLGBTQIA+ STUDENT Leadership Retreat (Queer Camp)

The LGBTQIA+ Student Leadership Retreat takes place in early fall semester to bring LGBTQIA+ and allied-identified students together to network, socialize, learn, and develop leadership skills.  Students have an opportunity to explore their own identities, understand definitions and terminology, connect with other students in the LGBTQIA+/allied community on campus, and develop plans for action for the upcoming year.

LGBTQIA+ Newsletter

The LGBTQIA+ Newsletter is a biweekly electronic newsletter that lists LGBTQIA+ specific announcements and events on or around campus.  To subscribe to the newsletter, or to submit an event or announcement, please email

Queering Career

This ongoing series is a partnership between LGBTQIA+ Student Services & the Strommen Center.  The program creates space and visibility for LGBTQIA+ students to see themselves represented as entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals with a career.  We travel to locally-owned LGBTQIA+ businesses, among hosting panels and workshops discussing topics, including: respectability politics, coming out at work, transitioning on the job, and more.

What’s Meaningful to you?

LGBTQIA+ Student Services is always interested in collaboration and partnerships.  Got an idea, send us an email at