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Programming and Services

Advising, Advocacy & Support

LGBTQIA+ Student Services offers advising, advocacy, and support for all LGBTQIA+ and allied students at Augsburg, including help on academics, questions around gender and sexual identity, personal and social life, bias and discrimination reporting, and advocating on a student’s behalf around changing policies, practices, or procedures at the University.


Educational workshops and trainings are available for all students, staff, and faculty at Augsburg University.  These workshops are a great way to learn about the LGBTQIA+ community and an opportunity to ask questions.  They covers topics such as LGBTQIA+ history and culture, myths and stereotypes, privilege, allyship, confronting LGBTQIA+ bias, recognizing and dismantling LGBTQIA+ oppression, and more.  Workshops are offered and advertised to the entire campus each semester, and customized trainings are available to departments, offices, and student organizations by request.


This ongoing series is a partnership between LGBTQIA+ Student Services & the Strommen Center.  The program creates space and visibility for LGBTQIA+ students to see themselves represented as entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals with a career.  We travel to locally-owned LGBTQIA+ businesses, among hosting panels and workshops discussing topics, including: respectability politics, coming out at work, transitioning on the job, and more.

Lavender Celebration

Lavender Celebration & Awards Ceremony honors outstanding LGBTQIA+ and ally-identified student leaders at Augsburg University.  The winners of the Karen Neitge Scholarship, LGBTQIA+ Student Services Scholarship, and LGBTQIA+ Student Leadership Awards are recognized at this event.

What’s Meaningful to you?

LGBTQIA+ Student Services is always interested in collaboration and partnerships.  Got an idea, send us an email at