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Augsburg Resources

Bias and Discrimination Incident Reporting

Augsburg University strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, staff, faculty, and guests. However, like any community, there are times when inappropriate, hurtful, and/or harmful incidents take place. This reporting form enables you to let the University know if you, someone you know, or a group within our campus community, has experienced bias, discrimination, and/or hostility.

Center for Wellness and Counseling

The Center for Wellness and Counseling (CWC) offers programs and services that enhance student learning by promoting personal development and well-being. The staff embraces a broad concept of wellness with an emphasis on physical and psychological health. CWC offers student counseling, a student health clinic, and health promotion programs.

Gender-Inclusive Changing Rooms & Showers

Commuter students who are currently taking Health, Physical Education & Exercise classes and need a gender-inclusive changing room and/or showering space may request a key for facilities in the Theater Department.  Contact Maxwell Poessnecker for further details.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms on Campus

A listing of all of the currently-available gender-inclusive restrooms on the Augsburg University-Minneapolis campus.

Chosen First Name Policy

Students may change their chosen first name on a number of public records at Augsburg.  The Chosen First Name Policy talks about how to update your chosen name with Augsburg, as well as delineates which records will be changed and which ones will not be.

Personal Pronouns Policy

Augsburg University gives students the ability to indicate their personal pronouns in AugNet Services’ Records and Registration for use in specific university records (see below) and for use by authorized university personnel.

Residence Life

Residence Life offers a number of on-campus housing options, including rooms and floors that are gender-neutral.

Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center offers services and programming specifically for women, but this is a space that is open to anyone—whether or not you’re a woman, whether or not you’re a feminist, and whether or not you take Women’s Studies classes!