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Trans+ Resources at Augsburg


Augsburg University does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, or sex. Prospective undergraduate and graduate students have the ability to enter their chosen first name, personal pronouns, and gender identity on their admissions application, if they so choose. Click here for more information on how to apply.

Augsburg is also a Reconciling in Christ institution within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


LGBTQIA+ Student Services provides advocacy, advising, mentoring, and support for transgender and gender non-conforming students on campus. It also provides trans+ and gender non-conforming students help in navigating University policies and situations at Augsburg with which they may need assistance.


Augsburg University Athletics believes that participation in athletic activities is a valuable part of the educational experience for all students and that transgender student-athletes should have equal opportunity to participate in sports. Augsburg’s Transgender Inclusion Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics describes Augsburg’s policy of providing access to transgender student-athletes on varsity teams. This policy outlines the University’s policy for access to intercollegiate athletics for transgender student-athletes including but not limited to how to join a team (per NCAA guidelines), participation, appeals processes, confidentiality, public communications (e.g., pronouns, chosen name, etc.), travel accommodations, dress code and uniforms, and changing/showering facilities, among other topics.

Transgender student-athletes who want to participate in NCAA intercollegiate athletics should first contact Kelly Anderson Diercks, Title IX Deputy for Athletics, to review University procedures. Students may also contact Katie Bishop, Chief Student Success Officer/Title IX Coordinator; Sarah Griesse, the Dean of Students; and/or the Director of LGBTQIA+ Student Services, (VACANT).


If you have been the target of or have witnessed a member of the Augsburg community be the target of a discrimination or bias related incident (on or off campus), Augsburg encourages you to report this. You can report such an incident using the Discrimination and Bias Incident Online Reporting Form, or you can talk with a faculty or staff member to offer you more support and guidance.

Changing and Showering Facilities


Commuter students who are currently taking Health, Physical Education & Exercise classes and need a gender inclusive changing room and/or showering space may request a key for facilities in the Theater Department. These facilities are available during most of the academic year, unless there is a theater production taking place.

Student-athletes involved in intercollegiate athletics also have access to facilities in Kennedy or Si Melby; click here for further information.


Gender inclusive changing facilities are available in Hagfors Center for commuting faculty and staff. Click here to sign up for access to these changing facilities.


Queer Pride Alliance hosts bi-weekly meetings on campus for LGBTQIA+ and allied students. Contact for more information.

Queer Indigenous People of Color hosts bi-weekly meetings on campus for LGBTQIA+ Indigenous students and students of color. Contact for more information.

First Names on Student Records & ID’s

Augsburg allows students, staff, and faculty to use a first name other than their legal name to identify themselves. One’s chosen first name will be displayed on a number of records at Augsburg, while one’s legal first name will appear on others. A comprehensive listing of where one’s first name will appear on which records can be found here.


Click here to change your chosen first name on certain University records. This online form must be completed even if you entered in a chosen first name on your admissions application.


Click here to change your chosen first name on certain University records.

Health Care & Health Insurance


Augsburg does not provide health insurance to its students. However, Augsburg contracts with University of Minnesota Smiley’s Family Medicine Clinic, a neighborhood family practice clinic run by University of Minnesota Physicians, to provide a wide range of healthcare services year-round for uninsured Augsburg students. Smiley’s has a number of physicians who specialize in working with transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Those who are uninsured may see a family physician at Smiley’s for a $5 co-pay upon showing their Augsburg ID. Smiley’s also accepts most health insurances, and many Augsburg students who are insured utilize Smiley’s for their healthcare. Other information related to health care is available at the Center for Wellness and Counseling website.


Augsburg’s employee health care plan provides transgender-inclusive insurance coverage. Employees are also offered up to 3 confidential counseling sessions through CompSych; contact Human Resources for further information.


Residence Life is committed to making sure that all students have safe, accommodating, and accessible housing. Augsburg offers a number of gender inclusive housing options, and in spaces that are gendered, students may live in the space with which they identify.

First-Year Students

Each summer, Residence Life works with the incoming first-year class to gauge interest in a gender inclusive floor in Urness Hall. If there is sufficient interest, Residence Life is able to provide such a space. If there is not enough interest, Residence Life will work with students who have indicated interest in a gender inclusive floor to ensure they have safe and accommodating living spaces on campus. For more information, contact

Returning & Transfer Students

Anderson, Luther, and Mortensen Halls are gender inclusive residential halls. For more information on obtaining housing in these facilities, contact

StepUP Program Students

StepUP works with students to ensure all participants having safe and accommodating housing in Oren Gateway Center. For more information about housing in StepUP, contact Renee Most.

Intramural sPORTS & HPEE Classes

Students, staff or faculty participating in intramural sports; Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science classes; or other University athletic activities may participate in accordance with their gender identity. Gender-inclusive intramural activities will be open to all students. In the event of an athletic activity requiring certain numbers of a particular gender, accommodations will be made for any interested student to participate as the gender with which they identify. Click here for more information.

Mental Health & SUPPORT

Augsburg offers counseling services and referrals through its Center for Wellness and Counseling. Students can also meet with staff from Campus Ministry for one-on-one support.


Augsburg gives students the ability to indicate their personal pronouns in AugNet Services’ Records and Registration. One’s personal pronouns will be displayed on a number of records at Augsburg. A comprehensive listing of where one’s personal pronouns will appear can be found here.

To designate pronouns in your personal records, log into AugNet and go to “Records and Registration.”

This Best Practices for Using Pronouns handout provides resources and skills for faculty, staff, and students regarding using pronouns respectfully.


Students, staff, faculty, and guests at Augsburg University can use the bathroom with which they identify. Augsburg also has gender inclusive restrooms available in nearly every building. A listing along with a map can be found here.