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Personal Pronouns Policy

Augsburg University gives students the ability to indicate their personal pronouns in AugNet Services’ Records and Registration for use in specific university records (see below) and for use by authorized university personnel.

Designate personal pronouns in Records and Registration to be used and included on specific university records. Students who have not completed this process or indicated personal pronouns on one’s admissions application will not have personal pronouns included in these university records.

To change or update personal pronouns:

  1. Log into Inside Augsburg
  2. AugNet Services > Records & Registration
  3. Student Information > Contacts

Personal pronouns are not considered public directory information and will be treated as private information. However, if you have granted third party access (e.g., for your parents, guardians, or others) to your information, Augsburg employees that have access to the areas below may use your personal pronouns in their communication with the third party.

Below is a listing of all the areas in which personal pronouns will appear (once designated):

  • Alumni office records
  • Athletic team lists (internal rosters)*
  • Class rosters
  • Faculty advisee lists
  • Honors Program lists
  • Residence Life rosters
  • Staff in the Enrollment Center and Gage Center

*For student-athletes who would like their personal pronouns used publicly (i.e., a student who entered one’s pronouns into Records and Registration and would like them to be used in PA announcements, such as “he/she/they/etc. score”), please contact Associate Athletic Director, Kelly Anderson Diercks.