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The Storytelling Of Art: 2nd Annual Virtual Art Gallery (2022)

The Storytelling Of Art


This year’s theme for the art gallery is ” The Storytelling Of Art”. Art is a unique skill and tool to tell many stories along with multiple viewpoints. The purpose of the art gallery is to showcase the talent of Pan-Afrikan and BIPOC artists to the Augsburg Community and Cedar Riverside. It was to also highlight the creativity and iconic work that many local artists continue to make. The Storytelling Of Art Gallery is inspired by Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr Convocation 2022: The Power Of Storytelling.


The 2022 Virtual art gallery is now available to view:

                                                           The Storytelling Of Art


“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac Shaku

Painted on a plywood panel, a series of images   of BIPOC women Photo by Jody Zellen

A large-scale wheat paste mural takes up the side of a business wall. The image is on a black rectangular background, bordered with white/cream. A Native person looks up at the word “RISE” bordered by two lightning bolts. Their portrait is done in a pop-art style. They wear a pair of traditional-style earrings, one with a lightning bolt in its center and the other with a cross. Most of the portraits beyond their face are shadowed.