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Alumni are drawn from the pool of individuals of color, providing them the opportunity to give back to the University in a unique and profoundly meaningful way and allowing them to reconnect with their educational roots.

Alumni Commitment to SC

Large group gatherings – these gatherings consists of workshops and discussions. Alumni are encouraged to come participate in workshops and share their insights. This is a great way for them to reflect, learn, and give.

One-on-Ones with the Scholar – while there is no formal mentor “pairing” for alumni and scholars, we encourage and promote individuals to meet 1:1. This will extend the opportunities for scholars to learn from and engage with alumni.

Benefits to being an Alumni volunteer

The scholars aren’t the only ones benefiting from the networking relationships. Alumni benefit as well. Here some of the benefits:

  • Share their expertise
  • Reminders of where they come from
  • Personal growth and development
  • Opportunities to reflect on what it means to be successful
  • A captive, attentive audience

Interested in being an alumni mentor?

Individuals wishing to be an alumni mentor for Scholastic Connections must be/have:

  • Alumni of color or ally
  • Interest in working with college students
  • Able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours per year
  • A preponderance of the following skills:
    • Building and maintaining relationships
    • Goal Setting
    • Guiding
    • Managing conflict
    • Problem solving
    • Providing/receiving feedback
    • Reflection

Contact Scott Cooper at or 612-330-1085 for more information on how to join the alumni network for Scholastic Connections.