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Upcoming LGBTQIA+ Music Education Panel

Flyer for LGBTQIA+ education panel, April 2021My name is Mallory Alekna and I am the new professor of music, human development, and learning at Augsburg University. Music education students at Augsburg have asked for more opportunities to interact with and learn from educators from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Based on student requests, my colleague Sarah Minette and I are helping to coordinate a panel of LGBTQIA+ music educators.

On April 24, seven panelists will be sharing their insights about being an LGBTQIA+ music educator. The intent of this panel is to offer guidance to preservice educators who may identify as LGBTQAI+. Additionally, allies are welcome to attend. The focus will be given to those preservice teachers (as well as inservice music educators) for whom mentorship and role modeling may be lacking in their preparation programs and institutions.

The cost is free and is open to all music educators. We also welcome teacher educators to attend so we can all learn to better support our students and our colleagues.

Please see the attached flyer for event details and registration link.

We are making every effort to ensure the safety of all participants. Please make sure to register for the event. Please feel free to reach out to Mallory Alekna ( or Sarah Minette ( if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to this event and thank you to our students who helped generate and make this event possible.