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Celebrating Music Scholarship Recipients and Music Donors

Image taken from within the pit orchestraThe Augsburg University Music Department is pleased to celebrate our outstanding music students and generous donors at the 2022-23 Donor Appreciation Event on Wednesday, April 27 at 5:30 p.m. This online gathering of the Augsburg music community will recognize the accomplishments of this year’s music scholarship recipients.

The event will include performances by some of our award winners, as well as student statements of gratitude for our generous donors, and a visit by music alumnus Dr. Bill Halverson ‘51–Augsburg music education alum and professor, former dean at The Ohio State University, leading expert on Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, and generous supporter of Augsburg Music.

We hope you will share in our celebration and continued growth of the Augsburg music community by joining us on April 27. Please register by April 25, 2022. Thank you in advance for your interest in, and support of, Augsburg Music!

Congratulations to all of the 2022-23 Music Named Scholarship Recipients!

Jeff Gilbertson, Orville and Gertrude Hognander Scholarship

Ashley Litzinger, Orville and Gertrude Hognander Scholarship (current), Mabeth Saure Gyllstrom Scholarship  (2019-2023)

Charlotte Taddeo, Susan H. and Dean C. Kopperud Scholarship (current), Mayo Savold Memorial Scholarship (2021-2025), Arthur Carl Mammen Scholarship (2021-2025)

Bernadette Spray, Rev. Clement A. Gisselquist Church Music Scholarship

Tess Zastrow, Jerome & Winifred Formo Scholarship, Professor Roberta Stewart Kagin Scholarship

Emily Larson, Jerome & Winifred Formo Scholarship, John and Vera Thut Scholarship, Ruth Krohn Kislingbury Choral Music Scholarship

Maria Kratz, Presser Foundation Scholarship

Haidyn Battle, Robert Karlén Chamber Music Scholarship, St. John’s Lutheran Church – John Norris Memorial Scholarship, Edwin W. and Edith B. Norberg Scholarship

Michelle L. Hofeldt, David R. Winsor Scholarship

Madison Edens, Albert and Solveig Birkeland Scholarship, Hanwick Thanksgiving Scholarship

Jacky Thao, Max David Bassinson Music Scholarship

Chriz Aguilar-Dominguez, Lingen Johnson Scholarship for Education, Marjorie and James R. Gronseth Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship

Vincent Rosa-Chavez, Henry P. Opseth Scholarship, Sam Coltvet Memorial  Music Scholarship, I. Hertsgaard Scholarship, Marilyn Solberg Voice Scholarship

Jadyn Kincaid, Kenneth O. Lower-Nordkap Scholarship, Catha Jones Scholarship

Emma Kirkpatrick, Grace Carlsen Nelson Scholarship, Lois Oberhamer Nye Scholarship

Carson Vincent, Edwin W. and Edith B. Norberg Scholarship

Charity Timm, Curtis and Marian Sampson Music Scholarship

Joe Ramlet, Leonard and Anabelle Dalberg Scholarship

Emma Scherrer, Leonard and Sylvia Kuschel Scholarship