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Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir

The Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir invites lovers of a cappella singing to explore various musical cultures through an international range of styles. With synchronous Zoom instruction from culture bearers on several continents, this year’s choir will prepare a full program of study and performance in vernacular singing traditions from Ukraine, South Africa, the Island of Corsica, Nigeria, the Republic of Georgia, Cuba, Iran, and the United States (Appalachian carol, Black gospel hymn).

These virtual meetings, combined with online instructional materials supporting individual practice, will prepare choir members to make video recordings with choirmates that will be engineered into a streaming concert presentation.

Augsburg students can join the Augsburg/Twin Cities Global Harmony Choir at no cost, and metro area community members can register for a modest fee.

Community member registration form

Although we begin remotely, we are poised to open up and sing together in person as soon as choirs can safely gather again. Our cumulative study throughout the academic year will culminate in concert presentations in April, whether digitally assembled or in person.

The choir is also open to anyone within a commuting distance from Augsburg who might be interested, since the long-term goal of the choir is to sing together in person once it is safe to do so.


The choir rehearses September through April on most Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 p.m., with occasional Saturday morning Zoom sessions to accommodate international instructors.


Dr. Kristina Boerger




да пеем

Ga re bine!

давай співати!


Let’s Sing!