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A woman sits atop a cliff in Cornwall, England. She is looking out over the ocean and the rolling hills of the English countryside. At this site she is experiencing the natural elements of the wind in her face, the ocean mist, the solid stone of the cliff, and the warmth of the sun. –photo credit K.McHale


Courses Offered:

NUR722-A, (DNP) Ancient Healing Practices and Modern Implications: 90 practicum hours

NUR505-P, (MAN) 45 practicum hours *Must take NUR505 concurrently with this practicum


This immersion practicum is typically a 10-day experience offered in early summer each year. Space is limited to 10 participants so please express your interest in the course by emailing Sharon Wade (

What students are saying:

“The immersion in England changed my life! It has transformed the way I think about culture and beliefs. I experienced an interconnectedness that changed the way I interact with my environment.”

-C.S. (England participant 2007, 2013, 2015)

Faculty Lead: Dr. Kris McHale (

MAN Course Schedule

DNP Course Schedule

This program is coordinated in conjunction with the Center for Global Education at Augsburg University.